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How to set up the message settings

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The messages tab lets users set up outgoing messages to the candidates at every step of the application. Invitation, Completion, Shortlist, and Rejection message can be customized by adding token codes and emojis. These can be sent via SMS, Facebook Messenger, E-mail, or WhatsApp (if activated in the account).

Here's Perry to walk you through each of the configurations of the Message Settings.


There are four tabs inside the message settings where the message can be set up.

  • Invitation: The message a candidate will receive after they get added to the CRM asking them to complete the online interview.

  • Completion: The message a candidate will receive after completing the online interview.

  • Shortlisted: The message a candidate will receive when the profile was shortlisted. Note: When shortlisting a candidate, a prompt will ask you whether you would like to notify this candidate that he was shortlisted or not.

  • Rejection: Same manner as to Shortlisted message for the scenario in which you reject a candidate.

And each tab has 2 sections which are SMS /Facebook /Whatsapp and Email.

Setting Up the SMS/Facebook/WhatsApp Message

  • WhatsApp - Unlike the other messaging channel, message content for WhatsApp can only be set up by sending a couple of message variations to WhatsApp, which they need to review and approve. Reach out to your CSM to help you in performing this action.

  • SMS/Facebook - Message content for SMS and Facebook can only be set up in a single field. Recruiters can customize the message by adding token codes and emojis to it.

    🚀 ⚠️ October 2022 Update: SMS containing links will not be delivered within the Philippines. This will be enforced until the SIM Registration Bill is implemented in 2023. For messages containing links, prefer our other messaging channel if you're based in this geography.

Setting Up the Email Message

Like SMS/Facebook, e-mail messages can also be set up inside the campaign settings. Aside from adding token codes, you can also insert your company logo or other relevant images you want to include in your e-mail, change the font style and switch to the "source code" view to produce a better message layout.

1. Fill out the e-mail subject

2. Compose your e-mail in the message box.

3. Once done, click on the "Save" button.

Enable/Disable Message

Enabling the message button will automatically send the message to the candidates when they are added to a campaign, completed an interview, or shortlisted/rejected for the role.

There are 2 separate toggle buttons for SMS /Facebook /Whatsapp and Email which need to be toggled per tab (Invitation, Completion, Shortlisted, and Rejection).

Once done, click on Save.


  1. For candidates to receive an invitation message, they should be inside the Inbox folder. If Autoflow is set up to transfer one application in another campaign that is not in the Inbox folder, the invitation message will not be sent.

  2. Include the "messenger interview" link in the Invitation message and let the candidate complete the online interview.

  3. Track the message length through the message preview section and characters count below the message box.

    Each message contains 160 characters.

  4. Only candidates that have been added to the campaign through the manual add, add resume, upload CSV and integration options will receive the invitation message as they didn't have the context to apply just yet.

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