Tokens in Talkpush CRM are essentially placeholders. The tokens are inserted in a message template, which can dynamically be updated with unique links and values that are specific to each candidate, company or recruiter. These tokens are especially helpful when the same message is being sent to hundreds and thousands of people, but the sender only has to set it up once. The tokens get replaced by the correct value for each message sent, which makes the actual message very personalized for the candidates. 

There are tokens that you can see on your messaging panel. Click that small arrow on the right to pull up the list, and click it back down to collapse.

Also, you can trigger and use these tokens from the Message Settings Tab (Campaign Settings) for your default message templates (Invitation,Completion,Shortlisted,Rejected). Simply right-click from your mouse/touch pad, and the token lists will be displayed.

So what are the different types of tokens that one can use within the Talkpush CRM?
Let's organize the tokens by categories...

Personalization for Candidates:

  • <%= @candidate_name %> : First name of the candidate
  • <%= @referee %> : When running an Employee Referral Program this will be the name of the person who referred the candidate. Using this "referee" name in the first communication with the referred candidate, delivers a better engagement and recall for the application to move forward
  • <%= @access_code %> : The candidate’s PIN to trigger the phone interview over an inbound line (legacy system)
  • <%= @mail_attachment %> : Unique email ID for each candidate to send their documents (e.g. resume, certificates, photo ID, etc.). Any attachment received by this email ID will be attached to the candidate's profile 
  • <%= @scheduled_at %> : A placeholder for the candidate's scheduled date of interview. Used in interview schedule reminders 
  • <%= @scheduler_url %> : Triggers a link to schedule the interview in the dynamic recruitment center scheduler. You will need to have the scheduler enabled in your company settings.
  • <%=@assigned_recruiter%> : Pull-ups the name of the manager assigned to the candidate (✅ Important reminder : When using this token, please make sure that you have your first and last name updated on your profile, otherwise, it would display your email address instead.)
  • <%=@job_title%>: The job title set up in the campaign settings
  • <%=@campaign_city %>: The city set up in the campaign settings

Personalized Interview Triggers for Candidates:

  • <%= @messenger_interview_link %> : Unique link for each candidate that will trigger the interview questionnaire over the chatbot
  • <%= @interview_page_url %> : Unique link for each candidate that will trigger the interview questionnaire over the landing page

General Company specific parameters:

  • <%= @company %> : The name of the company as set up in Talkpush Company Profile
  • <%= @signature %> : The signature of the recruiter who processed the candidate. The signature is created inside the recruiter's User Profile Settings
  • <%= @full_phone_number %> : Inbound phone number (dedicated line) set up for the client, where the candidate can call in to access the IVR phone interview. Calling this phone number will require the candidate to enter their Access Code/ PIN to identify themselves (legacy system)
  • <%= @image('url') %> : Placeholder for images to be inserted in messages delivered via Email / Facebook messenger 
  • <%= @video('url') %> : Placeholder for videos to be inserted in messages delivered via Email / Facebook messenger 

Here's how to seamlessly add tokens in your messages:


If in any case you wanted to use a token and used a keyword that pulled up multiple suggestions, you need to type the full token name WITHOUT spaces.

For example, the video above showed how to enter the token for "Candidate First Name", however, typing in 'Can' as a keyword also showed tokens for "Candidate ID" and "Candidate Name". Let's say you wanted to use Candidate ID, which is the second suggestion.

Instead of clicking it, you need to type the full token name in this format : candidateid , then press <TAB>. Take note that there is no space between the two words of the token name.

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