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Faster Hiring With Autoflow
Faster Hiring With Autoflow

Automatically process your candidates with Autoflow

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Autoflow is an easy-to-use tool that helps you interact automatically with your candidates based on Candidate Attributes, letting you handle large amounts of applications quickly. Using Autoflow, you can automatically send messages, move candidates to specific campaigns or folders, and much more.

You can find the Autoflow tool for each campaign by clicking on the Autoflow button inside your Campaign’s Settings. Click on the Add Action button to create a new Autoflow.

How to use Autoflow

Autoflow follows an if this, then that structure, meaning it has two parts: a set of triggers (if this), along with an action (then that) that will be performed once these criteria are met. You can start creating an Autoflow by clicking the Create Trigger button.

Creating a Trigger

  1. Choose a trigger folder: all candidates entering this folder will be checked by Autoflow. Click Next.

  2. Construct the criteria: The criteria are based on Candidate Attributes, which can be compared to a chosen value using operators (is, is not, is present, etc.). Here, click Add to include the criteria.

  3. Link the criteria: You can include several criteria and link them using AND/OR clauses. AND will require all criteria to be met, OR requires just one of the criteria to be met. When done, click the Create button.

  4. That’s it! You’ve created a trigger. To know more about this step, you can check out the in-depth article on Autoflow Triggers.

Creating an Action

  1. Click on Add Action to select what Autoflow will do once the criteria are met.

  2. Choose one of the available Bulk or Message actions.

  3. Fill out the information required by the action. To learn more about Actions, you can visit this our in-depth article: Autoflow Actions.

  4. Click Save, and you’re done! Autoflow is ready to go.

Reordering Autoflows

You may, at any time, reorder existing Autoflows to suit your recruitment process better. Click on the three-dot menu button, and then click Reorder. You can now drag and drop your existing Autoflows.

Duplicating Autoflows

You can duplicate your Autoflows and then edit them to create similar flows. On the three-dot menu, you'll find the Duplicate option. You can then edit them to suit your needs.

Archiving Autoflows

You may archive existing autoflows to declutter your Autoflow list. This will have the same effect as deactivating them, except they will not show up in your Actions menu. In the three-dot menu, you'll find the Archive option. To check and restore archived Autoflows, you can check the Archive tab.

Autoflow FAQs

How much does it take for an Autoflow to be activated?

Candidates are checked within 5 minutes after they enter the folder.

Does the order of the Autoflows matter?

Yes. Autoflows are checked in the same order that shows up in the list. Remember this when moving a candidate’s folder and campaign, as moving a candidate may not qualify them for a subsequent Autoflow.

Where can I find my campaign’s Autoflow?

You may find them in your Campaign’s settings. From the campaign list, click the three-dot menu button for your campaign, and choose Options. You can access the Autoflow options on the left-hand side panel.

Why doesn’t Autoflow show up in my Campaign Settings?

Autoflow is enabled for most accounts, but talk to your Account Manager so we can activate this feature for you if it is not showing up in your Campaign Settings.

How do I activate/deactivate an Autoflow?

Click on your Action, and once inside Autoflow’s setup, click on the green switch on the top right corner. This will disable Autoflow. Clicking the switch again will enable it.

How can I copy the Autoflows from one campaign to another?

You can follow our tutorial on how to Copy Autoflow Configurations here.

Who can create and edit Autoflows?

Every user level except for Limited Managers can see Autoflows for a given campaign. However, only Owners can add or edit Autoflows.

Why are some candidates not affected by Autoflow?

Autoflow will only affect a candidate once, the first time they enter the folder. This action will not be repeated if Autoflow has already checked a candidate (whether the action was triggered or not).

Why is Autoflow not affecting any candidates?

Make sure your selected folder corresponds to the one you are sending candidates to. If all the settings are OK and Autoflow is still not being activated, contact us via Intercom in the lower right-hand corner of the screen so we can help you.

What does a red "Disabled" text mean in Autoflow's triggers?

If you see this text, the Candidate Attribute related to the autoflow has been deleted. You may edit the autoflow to take into account any new Attributes.

Why is my Autoflow message with a Calendar token not sending?

If you’re using an Assigned Recruiter token, be sure it’s at a stage where candidates have their recruiter assigned. If they do not have one, the message will not be sent.

Will an Autoflow be triggered as soon as it's created?

Only applications that have just entered the folder will trigger the Autoflow once it's active. If you want existing applications to be affected, you may move them to the same folder again.

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