What are Candidate Attributes?

The importance of candidate attribute in the recruitment process

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Candidate Attributes are points of information we gather from candidates through the interview questions. It helps us categorize specific information collected in the recruitment process, for example, Legal Age, BPO Experience, etc.

Collected information or data points from the candidates will be mapped as a candidate attribute inside their Talkpush Profile. (e.g., Age, Education, BPO Experience, etc.) and will be shown as Other Information on their profile, which recruiters can edit.

For example, we would like to collect the candidates’ legal age. We can link the question to the candidate attribute Legal Working Age.

We have a long list of Candidate Attributes that you can choose to link your questions to or you can also create a new candidate attribute for more specific pieces of information.

💡Default candidate attributes are attributes initially configured in the system and thus cannot be deleted or edited. Some are found on the Candidate Profile's Contact Details and Application Details. While the rest are Custom attributes that can be edited and are found on the Other Information of the candidate profile.

🚀 Candidate Attributes as Filters

The Candidate Attributes will allow us to easily filter the candidates that are coming in based on the qualifications that we set.

For example, you want to search for candidates with specific BPO Experience.

Click on All Campaigns + All Folders and Select Candidate Attribute as a filter.

Choose a specific candidate attribute. In this case, BPO Experience.

Then choose an operator and enter the value you are looking for. Here, the operator is 'matches' and the value is either Yes or No.

'Yes' will be for the candidates with BPO Experience and 'No' for those who don’t.

💡 Learn more about the search function + the Filter bar in this article.

🚀 Candidate Attributes as Autoflow triggers

Moreover, Candidate Attributes are also used to set triggers and rules for Autoflow. The system will automate actions that you've set and will use the Candidate Attributes as identifiers.

In setting up an autoflow, we use Candidate Attributes as criteria to filter the candidates who will be affected by the specific automated action.

In the image above, the Candidate Attributes Legal Working Age, Education, and BPO Experience are used as criteria. Those candidates that matched the data point for each of the Candidate Attributes will automatically be affected by the autoflow action.

Candidate Attributes are not just used to observe, search, or filter specific candidate information; it’s our ticket to perform automatic actions to process candidates' applications.

🚀 You can select specific candidate attributes in your next export. These data points are now listed as individual extra data that you can select when you are exporting candidates.

💡 Pro-tip

Search for candidates using the operators "is empty" and "is present"

You may use the "is empty" operator to search for candidate attributes that have not been filled.

To search for candidates regardless of the values inside the candidate attribute, you can use the operator "is present".

These operators can be helpful in sending mass reminders or mass transferring candidates.

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