Candidate Attributes are points of information we gather from candidates through the interview questions. Candidate Attributes help us categorize specific information collected in the recruitment process, for example, Legal Age, BPO Experience, etc.

In this article, we’ll see how you can add new Candidate Attributes to collect the appropriate data for your recruitment activities.

How to add a new Candidate Attribute

  1. Go to the Leads Dropdown Menu and click Candidate Attributes

2. Click Add Candidate Attribute

3. Name your Candidate Attribute (it should be short and easy to recall).

4. Select Data Type (Text, Number, Date)

This is to categorize each data which will affect search and filters properly.

Ex: You used ‘Text’ as data type, for a date answer you can’t find it using a date filter or a date value on your search. So make sure you use the proper Data Type.

Text: Address, Name, etc.
Number: Age, ID Number, Passport Number, etc.
Date: Birthday, Schedule, etc.

5. Optionally you can add ‘Suggested Values’

For example, if we’re collecting Legal Age as a candidate attribute:

a. Text: Yes, No (Question: Are you above 18 years old?)

b. Number. 18-25, 26-35, 36-50 (Question: How old are you?)

c. Date: A calendar pop-up will be available to select a specific date. (Question: What is your birthdate?)

6. Check your Advanced Settings options. Here’s what they mean:

  1. Automatically Add to all future candidates: New candidates will automatically have this attribute on their Candidate Profile.

  2. Always shows this attribute across all applications: If a candidate has multiple applications across different campaigns, this attribute will sync in all his profiles. Even if a campaign is archived, the candidate attributes should still display on the active ones.

  3. Mark data as private: This attribute will be private and will not be available when sharing candidate profiles with guests.

Here’s a quick tutorial video with Perry on how to create a new candidate attribute!

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