After the Create Trigger step, which involves selecting and filtering candidates targeted by Autoflow, next is Add Action, where you'll choose the action Autoflow needs to execute.

When you click the Add Action button, you will see all the Autoflow actions available:

Let’s go through each of the actions in this video by Perry from our Product Support Team.

Bulk Actions

A. Move Candidate - migrate the candidate to a folder or campaign.

  1. Click on Move Candidate then select a Campaign and the Folder you want your candidates to move to.

  2. You can opt to re-assign candidates upon moving them to a different campaign or folder by clicking on the re-assign toggle button. Then hit Save.

B. Create Application - invite a candidate to another campaign’s Inbox.

  1. Click on Create Application, then select the campaign you want to invite the candidates to. Then they will automatically be moved to the Inbox folder.

  2. Click on the Send Message toggle button to send the invitation message to candidates.

  3. If you turn on the Do not keep a copy of the application button, you will not see the current application anymore. If it’s turned off, as a Duplicate Warning, this action will create a copy of the application in the new campaign and keep the current application.

  4. You can also click on the re-assign candidates button for the new profiles to be re-assigned to recruiters. Then hit Save.

C. Assign Labels - assign multiple labels to the applicant

  1. Click on Assign Labels and then select the label you want to assign the candidates, then hit Save.

D. Send Calendar - share a calendar link

E. Share Assessment - send the link to an assessment

Note: Contact your CSM about the Send Calendar and Share Assessment feature.

F. Send Question Set - send follow-up Questions from a set configured on Templates.

The Follow-up Question Set is a group of questions configured on the Question Templates that you can send to candidates at any point during their application process via Autoflow. This message will be sent to candidates with the Interview Link token, which they will then complete via the landing page.

Here's a complete guide to setting up follow-up questions on your Autoflow.

Send Message Actions

This Autoflow action allows you to send a message automatically to candidates and choose the platform where to send it to. It can be sent via Email, SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Just click on your preferred medium or choose the Send Message option, and the message will be sent via the last platform used to reach the candidate. Note that Whatsapp has a character limit of 1600. If it's the last messaging platform used, the message will not be delivered if it exceeds the limit.

Manually type the message you want to send. You can use tokens to help you with your message and Attach files.

This Autoflow feature can delay all actions mentioned above for a set amount of time. Click on the Delay Action button, then set the number of Days, Hours, and Minutes of the delay, then hit Save.

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