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Speed Up Your Hiring Journey with Follow-Up Questions
Speed Up Your Hiring Journey with Follow-Up Questions

You can ask Follow-Up Questions based on candidates initial answers (yup, just like you would in a live interview)

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Candidate-centric employers try to find the right balance between (1) collecting as much relevant information as possible from incoming leads and (2) keeping the initial application form short and sweet to maximize the conversion rate. Burdening candidates with long forms will affect completion rates (increasing your marketing Cost Per Hire) and will not be an excellent first impression for an employer. Candidates rarely want to join an organization heavy on long forms and bureaucracy!

With the Follow-up Question Set, you do not need to add all your questions on the initial pre-screening form... The Follow-up Question Set is a group of questions configured on the Question Templates that you can send to candidates at any point during their application process via Autoflow. This message will be sent to candidates with the Interview Link token, which they will then complete via the landing page.

Here's Russell talking about the follow-up questions.

How to Set Up the Follow-Up Question Set

1. Go to Templates and click on Question Sets.

2. On the Question Sets page, you can see the existing sets already configured, and if you want to create a new set, click on Create New.

3. Add a Question Set Name to help you identify your Question Set when configuring an Autoflow.

4. Then click Add Question to select your follow-up question. Click on the drop-down button to view all questions from the Questions template.

5. Click ‘+’ button to add the question or add more questions. Then hit Save.

💡The New Job Landing page should be enabled for the Question sets to work.

How to Send Follow-Up Question Set on Autoflow

  1. Select a Campaign, then go to Campaign Settings

  2. Click on Autoflow, and on the Autoflow page, click Add Action.

  3. Next, filter the candidates to who you want to send the Follow-Up Question Set and set up the trigger. Click Create Trigger.

  4. Select the Campaign and the Folder. You can trigger a Question set on any folder (Default or Custom).

  5. Set up the triggers by selecting the candidate attributes that the candidate data must match to be included in the Autoflow.

  6. Then, on the Autoflow Action, choose Send Question Set.

  7. You can select which Follow up Question Set you want to send. The list will be based on the Question Set you configured on the Templates Tab.

  8. Write a message for the candidates with the Interview Link token. If the Autoflow is configured to trigger in Inbox, the message will not be sent, as the candidate will automatically be redirected to the Follow-Up Question set.

💡 The question set can not be deleted once connected to a Campaign Autoflow.

Two ways to resend a question set link:

  1. By setting up an Autoflow reminder. Users may use a candidate attribute linked to a question in a question set as the trigger (for example “x attribute is empty”). It would make sense to use the attribute used in the last question for the user to identify that the candidate did not complete the question set.

  2. By messaging directly the <Interview Link> token. Users can resend the question set by sending the interview link token.

But please note that this will only work if the Autoflow with the question set in question was previously sent.

Note: If the previous question set link has already expired, resending the link will create a new link and will reset the expiration count to zero.

🚀 Uninterrupted journey: the Follow-Up Questions are asked immediately when the application is received

If the Follow-up question set is configured for the Inbox folder the questions will be triggered immediately after the last campaign question is answered and depending on the criteria set in the Autoflow.

The candidates will be redirected to a loading screen after the prescreening questions are submitted and while the follow-up questions are being triggered. This means the candidates will be completing the follow-up questions on the same link.

The Application Completion Message will only be sent after they have completed the Follow-up Question Sets.

🙋 FAQs

Can you build conditions or 'skip logic' into Follow-up Question?

Yes, using Autoflow, you can set up different Follow-up Questions scenarios, each with a different set of questions that get triggered based on different answers. By creating a different set of follow-up questions for different scenarios, equivalent to having a 'skip logic' scenario.

Will the completion rates (in analytics) calculation completion rate for both the initial pre-screening questions and the follow-up questions?

No, the completion rate only calculates the % of leads who get to the "Completed" folder. The completion rate therefore only applies to the initial pre-screening questions, not to the follow-up questions.

How many Follow-up Questions can I ask?

You can create a Question Set with only 1 question, and up to 20 questions.

How long does it take before the Follow-Up Questions are asked to the candidate?

From the time a candidate submits their initial application form on the landing page, they can expect the process to take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute while their answers are being analyzed, before the next set of questions is generated for them. Exceptions may apply when unusual data analysis is required (e.g. when scoring English proficiency on a video answers).

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