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Create questions to use for prescreening and onboarding

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The Question template Library serves as a bank for all types of questions that you can use for pre-screening interviews, document collection on onboarding, and at any stage of the candidate’s application.

Here’s Perry to for a quick video guide on how to Create a New Question

Create a New Question

1. Click on the Templates Tab dropdown button, then click Questions.

2. Next, click on Create Question.

3. Write the question on the Question text box.

4. Select a question type from the QuestionType dropdown. Each question type has different configuration requirements. Explore each of the different question types in this article.

5. Select a candidate attribute to map the question to on the Data Map dropdown.

6. Then hit on Save.

Once a question is added on the templates you can easily add this to the campaign questions.

You can also use these questions in Question Sets for your follow up questions.

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