One important part of the recruitment process is the pre-screening or the initial completion methods. Traditionally, recruiters would spend around 5 minutes on the phone just to confirm basic details like name, email, and phone number before asking basic job-specific questions. However, Talkpush helps recruiters automate this step through the different completion methods that candidates can use alone.

More so, recruiters can easily re-engage and follow up with candidates after the prescreening. All these can be done through the Messenger chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot, or the landing page.


There are two ways how this completion method can be initiated; by the candidate or by the recruiter.

Candidate Initiated

When a candidate goes to the company’s Facebook page, they can send a direct message to the Facebook page and begin conversing with the chatbot directly.

The bot will then take the candidate through the job application process and ask the prescreening questions.

Recruiter Initiated

If the candidate is added to inside Talkpush by applying via job boards, or they have been manually added via the CSV Upload option, they can be instructed to complete their prescreening over the Messenger chatbot.

To direct candidates to the Messenger chatbot, simply insert the messenger prescreening link token in the invitation message.

This will be sent to candidates via Facebook, Email, or SMS once they are added to the Talkpush campaigns. Once they click on the link, they will be redirected to the messenger chatbot with the job card of the specific campaign.

Note: Should the Messenger bot not respond to a candidate after opening another Invitation link of your other campaign, you may instruct the candidate to click Restart Conversation and to open the link again.

For a similar case, a candidate can also type Unsubscribe to trigger the bot, but remember that this will delete the existing application of the candidate.


Candidate Initiated

If the company has the WhatsApp bot enabled, candidates can easily initiate the prescreening by clicking on the WhatsApp Button on Facebook.

Also, if they know your company’s WhatsApp number, all they need to do is just send over a message. To have your WhatsApp enabled, you may ask your CSM to help you activate it for you!

🚀 Recruiter Initiated:

Most commonly, the WhatsApp Chatbot is initiated by the recruiter thru the invitation message setup inside the Talkpush campaigns.

The candidate will receive an invitation on WhatsApp to proceed with the prescreening. They can be redirected either to the landing page or the WA bot.

If it's on the WhatsApp bot, they just have to type "START," and the bot will begin the prescreening.

Note: Just like the Messenger bot, you can instruct your candidate to type Restart or Unsubscribe should the bot not respond when opening the second Invitation link of your other campaign.

Landing Page

Every campaign in Talkpush gets a dedicated landing page URL that can be used to publish the Job on any online property of the client (e.g. career site, social media ads, job boards, etc.).

This link, when opened, will show the following page with the job description and, subsequently, the web form. The Talkpush landing page is a great tool to capture details and information from the candidates. The questions set up here can be linked with candidate attributes that can trigger movements across campaigns, like reject/shortlist/etc.

With the New Customizable Landing Page, you can now fully personalize them with the look and feel of your brand with a banner, color themes, completion screen, and a new type of form. Just click on the toggle in the Sourcing Section of each campaign.

Note: When migrating from the Old landing page to the New Landing Page, a new link will be generated.

You can set up different types of questions for the candidates to answer; they can be audio or video responses as well as text-based responses or file uploads! Click this link to learn more about Setting up Interview Questions.

The landing page link can also be sent via the invitation message. Just include the select Interview Page URL token, and it will take the candidates directly to the interview section of the landing page.

💡Good news is that the landing page can also be accessed via mobile! This link can also be sent via SMS, which is great for some markets where candidates use more SMS than other social media platforms!


Aside from the Invitation message, you can also use Facebook ads to ask the candidates to complete their pre-screening interview. To do so, you may either connect the Messenger and landing page links to the ad button or simply paste them to the ad caption itself. You may want to add in the ad's caption that clicking these links will redirect the candidates to another tab.

There you have it! Omnichannel recruitment to engage candidates in several channels. Recruiters are given these options so you can use the channel that suits you best, the campaign, and your candidates.

For example, in the Philippines, Facebook Messenger is the number one messaging channel. It’s free, and it’s the fastest way to reach every candidate. WhatsApp works the same for other locations in the world. On the other hand, the Landing page is best to use if you want all the information you are asking the candidate to be presented right away. It is more straightforward.

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