If you need to add a batch of hundreds or even thousands of candidates to a campaign, the best option for you is to use the Import CSV feature. Compared to the Manual Add option, this method of adding candidates is more helpful when uploading candidates in bulk, as you’ll be able to add candidates to a folder inside a campaign with just one file.

Here's a quick video guide by Perry to help you with adding candidates via CSV Import.

To use this feature, start setting up your CSV by downloading the template inside Talkpush. A CSV is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values. Any other character (ex., semicolon) will cause an error with the uploading.

You can add additional columns to include Candidate Attributes and delete the unnecessary columns you will not need in their profile.

Make sure columns are in the right format. Remove unnecessary formatting. Avoid extra spaces, special characters, and typos. Make sure the following are in the right format:

Moreover, note that you need to use these specific row headers for the following candidate information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Name (for candidate's whole name)

  • Email

  • Country Code

  • Phone Number

  • Location

Here’s how to start importing these leads inside the CRM:

1. Click the Leads Tab drop-down button and select Add Candidates, then Import CSV.

2. Select the Campaign, specify the source and then choose the CSV file to Upload; then click Continue.

💡Note that recording uniform sources for your candidates will help track your records and for analytics.

3. Confirm the import by clicking on Yes.

🚀 Make sure to upload the CSV file successfully by reading through the complete instructions available on the Import CSV page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. My CSV import has Failed. What should I do?

    Open and clean your CSV file by doing the following:

    a. Check if it has the correct header names.

    b. Remove special characters like ñ, ^, $, +, and ;

    c. Delete empty columns.

    d. Make sure all candidates have first and last name values.

    e. Check if each column has the correct values (e.g., email and phone numbers do not interchange).

  2. The import has been in progress for several hours. What can I do to speed up the upload?

    You can cancel the import, open your CSV file, and make the above recommendations. Then, try to upload the file again. Note that larger files take some time to upload.

    If cleaning the CSV file did not improve the waiting time, you may contact us through our live chat support.

  3. Can I upload my second CSV file even though the first file is still in progress?

    Yes, you can. The second CSV file will remain in Queued status until the first file has been processed.

  4. How can I ensure to upload the correct format?

    We suggest that you use Google Sheets to save the CSV file that you will upload. This will less likely encounter errors as the CSV file of Google Sheets can detect symbols (such as ñ and any other symbols), unlike Excel, which does not.

    Here are the steps you can follow when using Google Sheets to create a CSV file:

    1. Download the CSV template from Talkpush

    2. Open Google Sheets > click File > click Open > and upload the CSV template

    3. Fill the cells under each column with the necessary data (you may select which column to include)

    4. Then click File > click Download > and click Comma Separated Values (.csv)

    5. Upload to Talkpush the downloaded CSV file

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