🧠 Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this article, you'll be able to learn:

  1. How to navigate through the new bulk actions interface

📌 Why is it important?

Performing bulk actions can be dangerous without proper usability principles in place. With this enhancement, we made sure that our users --

  • Understand what each bulk action will do so they can confidently use the one that they need

  • Can see the progress of the bulk action so they know how long it would take for it to be complete

  • Can confirm their bulk actions before proceeding to prevent mistakes

  • Can see how many candidates were affected by bulk actions for data/reporting purposes

  • Can cancel unwanted bulk actions that are still in progress

⚙️ How to configure it?

Step 1: Click on a candidate's avatar or the ⚪️ icon to select candidates. The bulk actions will be automatically displayed on your screen. We now have 12 bulk actions: Shortlist, Reject, Hold, Hire, Move Candidate, Create Application, Assign Recruiter, Assign Label, Restart Bot, Share, Send Message, and Export Candidates.

  • Shortlist - Move candidates to the Shortlisted folder

  • Reject - Move candidates to the Rejected folder

  • Hold - Move candidates to the On Hold folder

  • Hire - Move candidates to the Hired folder

  • Move Candidate - Move candidates to a folder or campaign except for Inbox

  • Create application - Move candidates to another campaign’s Inbox

  • Assign Recruiter - Assign a recruiter for all the candidates

  • Assign Label - Assign a label to all candidates

  • Restart Bot - Let the chatbot take over again

  • Share - Share the candidates' profiles to a reviewer

  • Send Message - Bulk message all candidates

  • Export Candidates - Export candidates' data as an Excel file

Step 2: You can select a bulk action, however, there are some that would require confirmations or other configurations.


In shortlisting/rejecting candidates, you have the option to toggle ON/OFF the message template from being sent out.

You can then choose one or more shortlist/reject reasons before proceeding. This will not be sent to the candidate but will be added to the candidate's profile.


Clicking on 'Hold', 'Hire', and 'Restart Bot' bulk actions would then prompt a confirmation message before proceeding.


Move Candidate bulk action allows you to migrate candidates to a different campaign and folder. However, note that you will not be able to move to the Inbox folder using this bulk action.

You can then proceed to toggle ON/OFF for reassigning candidates and sending the message template set up in the destination folder.


This bulk action is for 'moving' the candidates to another campaign's Inbox folder. The system will create a new application so that the candidates can start with a fresh application and answer the interview questions on the destination campaign.

There will be a 'Duplicate Warning' message displayed, whether you would want to keep the current application and create a copy on the destination campaign -- or not. You can also toggle ON/OFF for enabling the round-robin assignment and sending the message template set up for the Inbox folder of the destination campaign.


Bulk assigning recruiter/s and label/s both have a dropdown list where you can choose the names/labels that you need. Data is arranged alphabetically.


Clicking on the 'Share' bulk action would first prompt you to choose with whom you'd like to share the profiles (Teammate/Guest).

Next, a form will be displayed where you can input email addresses, select the information to share, and compose a message for the reviewer before proceeding. (We've also improved our Share Profile feature! You can check it out here.)


Clicking the 'Send Message' bulk action will display the chatbox where you can compose your message or choose a quick reply to send to your selected candidates.


This bulk action will allow you to export candidates' data as an Excel file. You can select which data to export from the available columns. Click >> to select all columns or you may double click on specific columns (e.g. Campaign Title). Then, click Download.

Step 3: Once you click on Continue, a confirmation message will be displayed to review the action you wanted to perform and to prevent mistakes.

Examples :

Step 4: Click Yes to proceed, and No to cancel. Once the bulk action is performed, the candidates will be deselected.


As mentioned above, we've added a way for our users to see the progress of their bulk actions. You should see a new icon next to the notification bell. If the user confirms the bulk action, this icon should open its panel and display the bulk action progress.

  • In Queue - action has not started

  • In Progress - action is being executed

  • Completed - action is completed

  • Completed with failures - action is completed but there are candidates that were not affected

  • Failed - the action was not completed

  • Cancelled - the action was stopped


You can also view the log for each bulk action made by clicking the bulk action progress bar.

You should be able to see the following information:

  • Date

  • Action

  • User - First and last name of the recruiter

  • Application IDs- unique to each candidate's application

  • Candidates - number of actual candidates affected vs selected

  • Start Time - time the bulk action was executed

  • Status

  • Time Finished - time the bulk action was completed

You can also search for a specific candidate or filter by Status.


We are aware that mistakes do happen. Hence, we also made sure that you can cancel the bulk action you just made by following the steps below:

  1. Click the bulk action’s progress bar.

  2. Scroll down through the newly opened tab, then click Cancel.

  3. Confirm your action by clicking OK.

    ☑️This will cancel the progress of the bulk action made.

Note: Canceling a bulk action is only possible if it is either in Queued or In Progress status.

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