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Processing of Bulk Actions
Processing of Bulk Actions

Manage multiple candidates with bulk actions

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The Bulk Action feature streamlines your workflow by enabling users to execute actions on multiple candidates simultaneously, saving time and effort.

How to Initiate a Bulk Action

  1. Selection Process: Select the desired candidates by checking the checkboxes next to their names or the bulk select checkbox below the search bar.

  2. Choose Action: From the dropdown menu, choose the action you want to perform on the selected candidates.

    Some Bulk Actions require confirmations or other configurations. Once confirmed, the bulk action will be processed.

Bulk Actions

  • Shortlist: Move applications to the Shortlisted Folder.

  • Reject: Move applications to the Rejected Folder.

  • Hire: Move applications to the Hired Folder.

  • On Hold: Move applications to the On Hold Folder

  • Assign Label: Assign a label to selected candidates.

  • Restart Bot: Allow the bot to retake control.

  • Share: Share the application with users or guests.

  • Move Candidate: Move candidate to another Campaign and/or Folder.

  • Send Message: Send a message to selected candidates.

  • Create Application: Move to another Campaign’s Inbox.

  • Export Candidates: Export selected applications.

  • Assign Recruiter/Self Assign: Depending on the user access, this option will allow ‘Owners’ to assign a recruiter to various candidates and ‘Limited Managers’ to self-assign leads.

View for Limited Managers:

Bulk Action Status

You can monitor the progress of your bulk action through the progress, which indicates the current status of the action.

  • In Queue: The action has been initiated but has yet to start.

  • In Progress: The action is currently being executed.

  • Completed: The action has been successfully executed.
    Completed with Failures: The action is completed, but some candidates were unaffected.
    Failed: The action still needs to be completed.

  • Canceled: The action was stopped.

Tracking Bulk Action Progress:

  1. Log Viewing: Click on the progress bar to view the log for each bulk action, providing detailed information about the bulk action made.

  1. Trail Job Link: Access a new tab displaying the details of your export via the trail job link.

Additional Notes:

Cancellation Process: If you need to cancel a bulk action, please contact us on Intercom. The status of canceled bulk actions will be visible on the progress notification.

No Maximum Limit: Unlike bulk export, the bulk action feature has no maximum limit, allowing you to execute actions on as many candidates as needed.

Here's Matthew from the Product Support Team for a quick walkthrough.

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