One great way of managing candidates in the recruitment process is putting them in separate folders depending on the status of their application. The Move Candidate Feature allows you to manage a candidate's progress from leads to actual hires.

Talkpush has different folders that mirror the main stages in the recruitment process, such as Inbox, Completed, On Hold, Shortlisted, Hired, and Reject folders. Still, you can also create your custom folders, which will help the recruiters to manage all the incoming leads smoothly and also cover other steps in the application to keep track of the candidate’s progress.

Here are the common use cases for the Move Candidate Feature:

🚀 1. Movement from one folder to another within the same Campaign

A. Track the progress of candidates across recruitment
B. Properly allocate and segregate candidates based on the results of each hiring step

🚀 2. Movement from one Campaign to another Campaign

A. Transfer a candidate to a different job application campaign
B. Create a duplicate application of a particular candidate to a new campaign.

Here’s how we move candidates!

Here's Perry to guide you through Moving Candidates across Folders and Campaigns.

I. Single Movement
A. Moving a candidate from one folder to another inside the same campaign.

Step 1: On the candidate’s profile click on the action buttons depending on where you want to move the candidate to. These buttons will automatically move a candidate to your desired folder.

B. Moving a candidate to another folder in a different campaign.

Step 1: Select the candidate and click on the "move candidate" button on top of the conversation box.

Step 2: A pop-up will prompt you to select the campaign and folder that you wish to move the candidate to.

Step 3: Once you have selected the Campaign + the folder (stage of the recruitment process) you want the candidate to be in - click on the "Move" button and the candidate will be moved to that folder and campaign.

II. Bulk Movement

Step 1: Go to a specific campaign.

Step 2: Select multiple candidates by clicking on the candidate's photo or click the circle beside the folder drop-down to select ALL the candidates.

Step 3: After selecting the candidates the bulk action panel will appear and will give you several options.

Step 4: Click “Transfer Candidate” to expand the options, then choose the specific campaign and the folder you want to move the candidates in, then select “Continue” to complete the action.


1. Track the movement of each application through the chat history.

2. Re-assign the candidates to a different recruiter when moving them to another campaign, if needed.

3. Send a templated message when moving candidates to the Inbox, Completed, Shortlisted, and Rejected folders.

  • When a candidate moves to Inbox:
    An invitation message will be sent to answer the question set up in the campaign. Once done with the questions, the candidate will be moved to Completed.

  • When a candidate moves to Completed, Shortlisted, or Rejected:
    A message template can be set up to send to the candidates when they moved to these folders.

4. When a candidate from Rejected was moved to Hired or other folders the same Application ID will be moved and the system will not create a new application.

📍Important Reminder: Duplicate Warning

This error message pops up when the destination campaign does not allow duplicates. In cases like;

  1. You are trying to move an application to a campaign with duplicate management settings turned on.

  2. The application you are trying to move is a duplicate of an existing application inside the destination campaign

You have the option to delete the candidate's record in the previous campaign when they move on to the next one; however, records of the candidate like; specific interview answers and attributes from that application will be lost too.

On the other hand, choosing to keep the application will cause you to have multiple applications from the same candidate, but allow you to see data from each application.

This can all be configured while setting up your campaigns.

📍Set up a specific number of months (cooling period) on when candidates are allowed to reapply after their application becomes inactive (hired or rejected). The cooling period checks the Date Added attribute or the date when the candidate was added to the campaign and not their Rejected or Hired Date.

📍 On the other hand, if the “Allow re-application” option is selected, regardless of the status of the application, the system will create a new profile for every application.

To read more about duplicate management, you can refer to this article:

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