In your campaign list table, Click on Add Campaign in the upper right corner of your screen.

Campaign Main Settings tab

MAIN SETTINGS is the first tab you land in when where you can edit the general settings of your campaign. This is also the first tab you will see when you set up a fresh new campaign. There are 2 sub-sections here 

(a) Basic Campaign Settings
Outline the Name of the Campaign, Authorize Duplicates toggle (if you would allow the same candidate to interview multiple times for the same position), Auto Call toggle (), Delay before reapplication (how many months do you want the candidate to be restricted from applying to the same job again) and finally Recruitment Center (where the applicants from this campaign will be invited to). The recruitment center needs to be set up in the Company Settings by the superuser. In case you don't see the Recruitment Center settings in your company profile, please let us know.

(b) Job Settings outlines the Job Details - Job Title, Job Type (part time, full time, etc.), Remote Type (Fully Remote, WFH Flexible, Temporarily Remote), Job Location, Salary, and Job Description. Please note that there are a few mandatory fields but all of the fields are to be entered if you want seamless integration with different platforms like Facebook, Indeed, etc. which uses these Job Details (Integrations topic is covered in a separate article)

Note: The Job Location* Field will display a dropdown list with Google Maps locations to choose from (this is mandatory); to see the dropdown list, type at least 2 words. If your location has just one word, type the country (e.g., Tokyo, Japan).

(c) The Landing Page Preview

Lastly, once you are done filling out the details of your campaign don't forget to save

Permission Settings

The Permissions tab lets you control who has access to your campaign. Once you are here, you will see 3 boxes:

1. No access: Cannot view nor access the campaign ( this section shows all the team members which you can select to grant permission to the campaign)

2. Users with access are the list of people with access to this specific campaign.

3. Round Robin Assignment section is the list of people (a subset of the Members with Access) who will be assigned the new leads.

Message Setting Tab

This tab lets you set up all outgoing messages to your candidates at every step of the process. Simply type in your message, and every time a candidate gets invited and processed in the tool, he/she will get a notification via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or E-mail. 

Here you have 4 sub-sections, where you can select the messages that you want to edit. These are preset templates that will be triggered at different stages of the interview process on Talkpush

  • Invitation: The messages a candidate receives to their e-mail and/or phone in order to be invited to participate in a given campaign

  • Completion: The messages that are sent out once a candidate completes the phone interview

  • Shortlisted: When shortlisting a candidate a prompt will ask you whether you would like to notify this candidate that he was shortlisted, here you may edit said notification messages Tip: You can include the next step of your recruitment process into this message e.g. “Please come to our recruitment site  street for an in-person interview” 

  • Rejection: Same procedure as the Shortlisted message for the scenario in which you reject a candidate

Each sub-section has 2 types of message construct -
(a) SMS (same construct is also used for Facebook messenger) 

(b) Email

You can toggle On/Off whether you want the SMS messages or Email Messages. If enabled, messages will be automatically sent out as soon as the trigger happens. Please note that SMS toggle also substitutes the Facebook Messenger messages, meaning if the candidate is interacting via Facebook Messenger, then the SMS message will be delivered via Facebook Messenger instead (this doesn't incur SMS cost). SMS Editor For SMS, one message part is equivalent to 160 characters only. Messages with more than 160 characters will consume multiple SMS units (but in most smartphones, they are just delivered as one long message). The character counts are also displayed right under the SMS editor.

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