Archived campaigns are only accessible from the campaign list. Once a campaign is archived all candidates inside the campaign will also be archived. Archived campaigns can be restored (re-activated) at any time from the list of archived campaigns, which will again give you access to the candidates inside. 

To archive a campaign, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Campaign list and click on the ‘three dots’ across the campaign which you want to archive

  2. Select Archive 

3.  Lastly, click on “Proceed” to confirm your action

Pointers to remember:

  1. You have to be the creator of the campaign or have owner access before you can archive a campaign

  2. The archived campaign will no longer receive incoming candidates EXCEPT for those who come from different job boards. (e.g.: Jobstreet / Jobsdb)

  3. It can take the CRM a little while to archive campaigns with a huge number of candidates. 

  4. Archiving a campaign is different than deleting a campaign, we offer this option to guarantee that you'll be able to recover data from non-active campaigns.

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