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The Campaign List and its Functions
The Campaign List and its Functions

A quick overview of the campaign lists and what you can do

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The Campaigns tab lets you see all your campaigns on a single screen! You can search, sort, and organize all your existing campaigns. You can create a new campaign here and perform campaign-level questions depending on your Permission Level.

To help you navigate, let us go through the campaign tab and its parts.

1. Active and Archive Campaigns

You can choose to view active or archived campaigns by toggling through the Active and Archive button.

💡If a campaign is on the Active List, you can access the data and information of the candidates inside this campaign from the Leads Tab. When a campaign is Archived, it can only be accessed via the campaign list, and all candidates inside that campaign will be archived.

However, candidates' data points are never lost when we archive campaigns. The candidate attributes meant to show across all applications will still be seen in active campaigns.

Moreover, you can reactivate the campaign to gain access to these candidates. Learn how to Archive campaigns here.

To reactivate a campaign:

Go to Archive

Click on the three dots of the archived campaign

Click Reactivate.

2. Search

To find campaigns, simply type in the search bar and hit enter. You may search using the campaign name, city, country, and the campaign creator’s name.

3. Add a campaign

If you want to set up a campaign from scratch, you may click the Add Campaign button. Add campaign means setting up a new campaign. This will allow you to configure a campaign to your specifications.

4. Campaign list

The campaign list shows the following information:

  • Campaign Name

  • The number of candidates in the inbox folder

  • The number of candidates in the completed folder

  • The number of candidates in the shortlisted folder

  • Campaign’s last activity

  • The configured country and city

It also shows the Chatbot Indicator that tells whether a campaign is ON (linked, active, and has received a message on the Facebook Messenger Chatbot). Meanwhile, the Google Jobs indicator will indicate whether the job is listed on these platforms.

5. Sort

Click on the arrow up to sort the campaign details in alphabetical order, and click on the arrow down to sort them in reverse alphabetical order.

💡Note: The Unassigned Campaigns will remain on the top of the list then, followed by the rest of the campaigns.

6. Folders

These rows show the number of candidates inside the three most common folders - Inbox, Completed, and Shortlisted. In a glimpse, you can see an overview of the activity and the movements inside the campaign. Read more about moving candidates from one folder to another here.

7. Last Activity

This shows the date the campaign was last accessed by someone from your team.

8. Location

If you have several campaigns in multiple locations, you can sort it out based on Country or City by clicking on these arrow buttons.

5. Campaign Actions

The three dots will display a drop-down options menu with quick actions.

When clicking any of these options, you will be redirected to a different window with the selected campaign setting.

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