Messenger Chatbot

  • When linking your campaign to your Facebook pages, you're also activating the job, which your Facebook Messenger visitors can find while engaging with the chatbot. 🤖

  • Upload an image to make the job card more enticing. 😍

👨‍💼 Candidate Journey

🔗 What is a Messenger link?

  • A URL that you can share anywhere that instantly takes the applicant to the job. (so they skip all the “welcome” chat).

  • You can post it anywhere (even outside of Facebook) to generate direct applications.

  • Click on that link itself to experience the candidate journey.

👨‍💼 Candidate Journey

📝 By default, messenger-sourced leads automatically have the source name "messenger", in their profile.

But, you can assign a custom source name to the processed leads from Messenger.

Here is how 👇

  • Click on Create URL

  • Choose the Facebook Page

  • Create your custom source name

  • Copy the custom link and share this to invite leads

As a result, the applicant's source is no longer "messenger".

You're all set! 🎉

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