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Identify each of the Default Folder and how they work

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To help recruiters smoothly manage and organize the candidate’s application, every Talkpush campaign has Default Folders that mirror the main stages of the recruitment process.

These folders are Inbox, Completed, On Hold, Shortlisted, Hired, Rejected, and No Response. Each folder can have different configurations and behavior depending on which stages of application the candidates are in.

Let’s get to learn each of the Default Folders.

  • Inbox Folder - There are various ways leads are added to this folder.

    • Via Chatbot - When the candidate starts interacting with the chatbot and has provided their Name, Email, and mobile number, automatically, a profile will be created in the Inbox folder of their chosen job/campaign.

      💡 Note: If a candidate didn’t choose a specific job/campaign, their profile will be in the Unassigned Campaign)

    • Manually added - Candidates that are manually added should be assigned to a campaign’s Inbox folder for them to receive the invitation message with the interview link to proceed with their application.

    • Job Board Integration - When the candidates’ information is parsed from a particular job board, a profile will be created inside the Inbox folder of the campaign it is connected to.

    • Candidates in the Inbox folder are expected to complete their automated interview or their pre-screening to move to the Completed folder.

  • Completed - Once the candidate completes the interview or the pre-screening, the candidate’s profile will automatically be moved to the Completed folder.

    While inside this folder, candidates' qualifications are being reviewed and evaluated if they can be moved to the next stage of the application, either Shortlisted or Rejected. The movement can be done automatically with the help of Autoflow.

  • Shortlisted - Candidates in the Shortlisted Folder are qualified from the responses they provided during the pre-screening. In this folder, you can opt to send candidates a Shortlisting message automatically! You also have the option to tag a specific candidate with a shortlist reason.

  • Rejected - On the other hand, the Rejected Folder is for candidates who didn’t meet the qualifications. The candidates here can also receive a rejection message (or delay them) if needed and tag them with the rejection reason.

    If you move a candidate out of this folder to other folders like Hired, the same Application ID will be retained and the system will not create a new application.

  • On Hold - This is an interim folder that serves to organize candidates who may have moved beyond the shortlisted stage, and the recruiters need to track them separately. This Folder does not have an automatic message as Shortlist/Rejection Folders.

  • Hired - This is where the candidates are moved once they are hired. This can be manually or automatically triggered by the recruiter at the end of the recruitment process.

💡 Note: When candidates are moved to Completed, Shortlisted, Rejected, and Hire, they can be messaged automatically with Message Settings in the campaign or via Autoflow.

  • No Response: Unresponsive candidates inside Inbox for three weeks will be automatically moved to the No Response folder. But, don’t worry because these candidates will not just be put to waste because you can set up an Autoflow to chase them automatically. If the candidate has not been moved, they will go to the Completed folder once they finish their prescreening questions.

  • Deleted - Here are all the deleted profiles; however, note that you can't use the search bar function inside this folder. However, you can easily go to back another folder without refreshing the whole page.

🚀 Pro-tip: Don't get confused between Default and Custom folders. The folders in blue are the custom folders, and the rest are the default ones that are not editable.

The number you see on the right side of the folder is the number of candidates in each stage.

💡 These Custom Folders will not appear in the Folder list on the Leads Tab filter if there are no candidates inside them. So, when searching for a custom folder on the Leads Tab make sure there are candidates in it.

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