Have you ever wondered what those Unassigned Campaigns are for? Keep reading to understand how these campaigns are useful in your hiring process too.

🤔 What is an Unassigned Campaign?

An Unassigned Campaign is a campaign that contains all the candidates who began a conversation with your chatbot but did not apply to a specific campaign or submit a query within 10 minutes of the conversation.

You will see the Unassigned Campaigns in the Campaign List and it can also be used as a filter in the Leads tab.

📝 Two types of Unassigned Campaign

  1. Facebook

    The Unassigned Campaign for Facebook is automatically created once a Facebook page is linked to your campaign. If you have multiple Facebook pages integrated with your campaigns, each Facebook page will have its own Unassigned Campaign.

    Unlike usual campaigns, the Unassigned Campaigns for Facebook do not have Campaign Settings. This means that you won't be able to Archive or edit its name. However, these campaigns are accessible by default to all users.

    ✍️Note: A new Unassigned Campaign will be created if your Facebook page gets disconnected. If it is restored, you will find two Unassigned Campaigns for the same page. You can request to combine these by sending a request on the Intercom.

  2. WhatsApp

    Unlike Facebook, there is only one Unassigned Campaign for WhatsApp and this is manually created. The Campaign Settings are also accessible just like a usual campaign wherein you can do certain actions such as changing the campaign’s name.

    ✍️Note: You may ask your Support Agent to create your WhatsApp’s Unassigned Campaign.

↪️Transferring candidates from Unassigned Campaigns to active campaigns

Candidates inside the Unassigned Campaigns can be transferred to your active campaigns in two ways:

  1. When a recruiter manually transfers the candidate

    ✍️Note: This will not change the candidate’s Application ID.

  2. When a candidate initiates a chatbot conversation again and selects a specific campaign

    ✍️Note: The system will delete the candidate's profile inside Facebook’s Unassigned Campaign and transfer it to the campaign selected by the candidate. In contrast, the candidate's profile remains inside WhatsApp’s Unassign Campaign and the system will create a duplicate application instead.


  • You can start a conversation with the candidates while still in the Unassigned Campaign and see if they are still interested to continue their application.

  • Candidates inside the Unassigned Campaigns usually have a FALSE value in their Crm Initiated Candidate Attribute to indicate that these candidates have not reached the campaign questions yet.

Now you know what an Unassigned Campaign is, what you can find there, and how you can use it. Happy hiring!😉

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