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The Custom Folder Feature allows you to create new folders aside from the Default Folders to match all other stages of your recruitment process. With this, you can keep track of your candidates at every step of their application.

For a quick video walk-through, watch Perry from the Product Support team.

Here's the complete guide on how you can configure your custom folders.

Create a Custom Folder

  1. Go to Company Settings > Click on Folder Settings > Add a Custom Folder.

  2. Enter the name of the folder on the Name of Custom Folder field. Then select which campaigns this folder should be associated with, then hit Save.

You can also enable a new folder as a default folder; thus, it will automatically be associated with all existing and newly created campaigns.

Edit a Custom Folder

  1. Go to Company Settings > Folder Settings > Custom Folder > Click the Edit icon.

  2. You can update the folder name on the Name of Custom Folder field.

  3. To edit the campaigns associated with the folder, untick the checkboxes.


  • Associated campaigns with grey checkboxes mean candidates are inside the folder; therefore, they can only be disassociated once all candidates are moved out of the folder.

  • Existing custom folders can also be associated with different campaigns inside the company settings. This is great for setting up a campaign's initial process and structure; however, users with Owner level permissions can do this.

Delete a Custom Folder

Go to Company Settings > Click on Folder Settings > Select the Custom Folder > Click the Delete icon.

💡 Folders can only be deleted if no candidates are inside the folder. Otherwise, this notification will show up:


  • The folder list will show the number of campaigns associated with that folder next to the Custom Folder Name. On the other hand, Default Folders will be labeled with the word (Default) on the Folder settings and will be available across all your campaigns.

  • Inbox, Completed, Shortlisted, On Hold, Rejected, Hired, and No response are Talkpush default folders that cannot be edited or removed.

  • The Custom Folders will not appear in the Folder list on the Leads Tab filter if no candidates are inside them. So, when searching for a custom folder on the Leads Tab, please ensure there are candidates in it.


Re-arrange the folders patterned to your current process for easy access!

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