Just like any messaging channel, the Talkpush Chat Screen shows the entire conversation history with the candidate. This is where you go if you want to get in touch with your candidate. Recorded on this screen are not just interactions between the candidate but also the activities and actions done in their profiles (e.g. Movement history, Adding Labels, Editing info, etc.)

The grey messages contain either Text, Audio, or Video messages from the candidate. Aside from the message the details such as the App ID, time, and channel it was sent are also present.

The messages in a green box are either the Chatbot’s responses (indicated by a robot icon) or the recruiter's messages (indicated by a human avatar or the user's saved photo).

While the boxes in the center are details of the activities and actions performed on the candidate's profile (e.g. Movement history, Adding Labels, Editing info, etc.).

At this stage, you may type in your message to the candidate and even include emojis and attach files.

By clicking the tiny expand/collapse icon, a menu will pop up with the existing list of Quick Replies to choose from and the option to create a new Quick Reply Template. Recently used Quick Replies also show up below the message box.

Quick Replies make use of our token system, by using tokens you will not need to manually personalize each & every message. For example, <%= @candidate_name %> will automatically be replaced with the candidates' first name (for every candidate the message is sent to). Read more on Tokens here.

Select over which channel you would like to send the message. SMS, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp.

💡Please take note to always choose the right channel when sending a message.

Not all messaging channels are turned on for all companies. For example, you choose to send it via SMS, but you do not have an SMS line available. The system will still try to send the message but it will lead to a message-sending failure.

So, suppose you are sending messages in bulk. In that case, we recommend choosing the BEST AVAILABLE option as the message channel, and the system will automatically select the last channel used to communicate with the candidate.

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