The chat screen shows the entire interaction and history with the candidate.
In the details section at the top you can see the candidate data such as the campaign, folder and the current active message channel.

Tap on the message channel in order to select a different message channel to contact to the candidate. 

Tap on the candidate name in the header to access the candidate profile.

The grey messages contain either Text, Audio or Video messages of the candidate. Beneath it you may see the channel it came through (‘f’ here indicating Facebook) and the time it was sent at.

The green messages are either the Chatbot’s responses (indicated by robot image) or recruiter's messages (indicated by a human avatar or the user's saved photo).

At this stage, you may type in your message to the candidate and even include emojis and attach files.

By clicking the tiny expand/collapse icon, a menu will pop up with existing list of QUICK REPLIES to choose from and the option to create a new Quick Reply Template. Recently used Quick Replies also show up below the message box.

Quick Replies make use of our token system, by using tokens you will not need to manually personalize each & every message. F.ex. <%= @candidate_name %> will automatically be replaced with the candidates' first name (for every candidate the message is sent to). Read more on Tokens here.

Select over which channel you would like to send the message. SMS, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp


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