Processing candidates is challenging on its own, and more so, when dealing with high-volume recruitment, you can easily spend hours stuck wondering which Candidate will become your next hire, and that's what we're here to fix. Talkpush offers the option to share with teammates and/or external sources using email the Candidate Profiles you're reviewing to easily collab and receive inspiration or a helping hand.

By accessing this option, your guests will receive the Candidate Profile to review. The ultimate goal is to share their insights and let you know or even decide if the Candidate should be rejected or shortlisted.

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To get started, visit the Candidate Profile you wish to share in the Leads Tab. In blue, you'll find the Share Button, where you'll have the option to share the Profile with your team or a guest.

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Option 1: Share Candidate Profiles with Your Team

If you want to share the Profile with a member of your team who is using Talkpush, you can do so by clicking the option Your Team; this will open a window where you can pick one or multiple team members with whom you'd like to share the Profile. The window comes with a default message that you can modify with your own message of up to 200 characters.

When your team member has checked out the Candidate Profile, you will receive a notification stating it.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Team member experience

The team member/s who have received a Candidate Profile review can visualize them in their Account Settings by clicking on their user name and selecting Shared with Me.

The action will prompt a pop-up permission window, which the team member must allow to open the Candidate Profile.

The Team members can see whether the Shared Candidate Profiles have been checked or still need reviewing along with the basic details of the sharing process.

The team member/s can process the shared Application as if it was their own or leave a comment within the Candidate Profile for the assigned recruiter to review.

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Option 2: Share Candidate Profiles with a Guest

If you seek a second opinion from someone who is not a Talkpush user, select the option Guest, this will prompt a window where you can add up to eight guests using their email address.

When using the guest feature, Talkpush will create a provisory external profile for guest viewing. The information this Profile contains can be altered according to your needs under the option Select Information to Share; the option displays a dropdown menu with information details you can choose from, except for the Pre-screening Answers, which are mandatory in all Shared Profiles.

You'll also visualize a default message you can include when sharing the Profile, which you can edit and modify with a personalized message of up to 200 characters.

Additionally, you'll have the option to allow guests to move the Candidate to the shortlisted or rejected folder directly from their view. To do so, set the toggle ON.

If the toggle is OFF, guests can recommend whether the Candidate should be shortlisted or rejected, but they will not have the power to process them in Talkpush.

Once the guest has reviewed the Candidate Profile, you will receive an email update.

This email will take you back to Talkpush to check out the guest's review directly on the Candidate Profile.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Guest experience

When a guest is invited to review a Candidate Profile, they will receive an email with access to the Profile and a one-time passcode to check it. Additionally, the mail will include an exclusive link to view all the Candidate Profiles shared with them and are currently active.

Once accessing the Candidate Profile, the guest will see their options to:

  • Add up to 10 labels.

  • Select if they think the Candidate must proceed and add their reasons.

  • Select if they believe the Candidate must be rejected and add their reasons.

  • Add a comment of up to 500 characters.

  • Add an attachment of up to 2MB (Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TXT, DOC, PDF, Exel).

The guests will be able to edit their choices even after submitting them.

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πŸ—’ Considerations

  1. Your company has the option to chose how many days the Candidate Profile will be available for guests before it expires. Users with access to Company Settings can select this under Communication Settings > Share Profile Rules.

  2. You can revoke the Shared Candidate Profile, preventing the guest from accessing the Application or reviewing it further. The comments on the Profile will be deleted, but the labels and reasons (shortlisting or rejecting) will remain visible for the recruiter. If the guest were allowed to take action and process the Candidate, the status of the Candidate would not be altered after revoking the access. If the guests attempt to log in to the Candidate Profile, the new website will display an error 404.

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