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TalkScore Powered by Talkpush

Automated English Proficiency Scoring

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Candidates' expectations in job interviews have skyrocketed. Quick results are a must, and long interview processes are no longer an option in today's competitive market. That's why we're thrilled to present TalkScore, an automated language scoring solution powered by Talkpush that will revolutionize how you evaluate your candidates' English proficiency.

Traditional English proficiency assessments have put millions of candidates through tedious, time-consuming application processes only to see if they can speak English, negatively impacting their candidate experience and leading to high dropout rates. Talkpush customers who hire for roles that require a specific level of English may use TalkScore to improve the experience of their candidates and reduce dropout rates; this is perfect for positions such as CSRs, sales, voice agents, etc.

TalkScore reduces the time it takes to determine a candidate's English level from half an hour (Traditional Assessments) to 2-5 minutes; the best part is that they can do it straight from Talkpush's Landing Page or their preferred comms channel without extra steps.

Here's Perry for a quick video guide about TalkScore!

How TalkScore Works

Audio or Video pre-screening questions, combined with Play Media question types, can be used to assess candidates’ language skills. When candidates answer a TalkScore question the system uses AI to determine their English level. In a candidate's response, the feature analyzes and scores a set out of 6 possible English linguistic parameters: Fluency, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Active Listening. Each parameter is graded on a scale of 0 to 10.

TalkScore's Value Proposition

We intend to quickly identify qualified leads at the front of the recruitment funnel. TalkScore offers a more efficient approach to prescreening candidates while presenting an innovative solution to traditional phone screening techniques. TalkScore is an excellent solution to positively impact the size of your talent pool, particularly in markets where Talkpush's compatibility with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is a strong added benefit.

Why is TalkScore different from other assessment vendors?

  • Open-ended, non-scripted questions seem more like a conversation than a test.

  • Customers choose the number of questions they want to ask, and in only a few minutes of audio or video, they get an accurate idea of who is a fluent English speaker.

  • The integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with Talkpush allows an increase in the response rate, reduces the average response time, and bypasses any browser audio issues.

  • It can be used for different types of questions which include Audio, Video, and Play Media.

TalkScore Does it Faster

TalkScore is only available for English Language Scoring at the moment. For assessments in other languages, here are two options to consider:

  • Asynchronous Interviewing: Collect audio/video responses in a foreign language and send them for review to a language expert. Use our Share Profile feature for great results.

  • Automated Assessments: Integrate with one of our Language Assessment partners. Their test results can be delivered directly to Talkpush and recorded as Candidate Attributes to automate the next step of the hiring process. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about this.

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