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TalkScore + Follow-up Question Sets
TalkScore + Follow-up Question Sets

Set up Autoflow for TalkScore x Question Set

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Many candidates hesitate to complete long and time-consuming forms during the initial stages of their job application process. However, as they become more engaged in their recruitment process, they will invest more time, including submitting documents and assessments.

TalkScore is an English assessment tool powered by Talkpush where candidates need to complete a round of 3-5 questions, using up to 10 minutes of their time. With Question Sets, you can send an English assessment in the latter stages of the recruitment process, ensuring you have engaged and invested in candidates.

Use Case:

A TA team must find suitable candidates with English proficiency ranging from Upper-intermediate to Proficient levels. The candidates' English proficiency will be assessed using TalkScore, a tool for measuring language skills. The evaluation process includes pre-screening questions followed by Follow up Question sets.

Candidates interested in the campaign must rate their English proficiency level from a range of options, including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Native Speaker.

Candidates who indicate their proficiency as Beginner are automatically classified as unsuitable for the position and are promptly placed in the Rejected folder. However, candidates who select any other proficiency level are moved to the TalkScore folder for further evaluation.

All candidates in the TalkScore folder receive a set of Follow Up Questions that include a TalkScore assessment to facilitate this evaluation process. These questions are designed to gauge the candidates' English proficiency level.

Set up Autoflow using TalkScore & Question Sets

1. Go to Campaign Settings > Autoflow, then click on Add Action.

2. On the Add Action page, click Create Trigger.

3. For the Folder, select TalkScore, then click Next.

4. Since all the candidates inside the TalkScore folder need to be sent the Question Set, select a candidate attribute and set a trigger that will capture all candidates. Ex: Email is present

4. After the Create a Trigger step, click the Add Action button, then Send Question Sets

5. On the drop-down list, select the Question Set with your TalkScore questions then write a message for the candidates with the Interview Link token.

After the candidates complete the Question Set, they will have a TalkScore rating that you can use to filter candidates based on the required qualifications. You can also set up another Autoflow setting to move candidates to another folder based on their TalkScore ratings.

Here's Perry for a video walkthrough on how to set up TalkScore and Question Sets.

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