The candidates who completed the interview in the Customer Service - Manila Philippines Campaign need to be filtered, and the qualified candidates should be moved to the Shortlisted folder

The candidate should meet the following criteria;

  • Must be 18 years old (Legal Working Age)

  • Must be a College Graduate or Post Graduate Degree (Education)

  • Must be available to work on shifting schedules (Night shift flexibility)

🚀 Inside the parenthesis is the candidate attribute linked.

All the information above will be collected during the pre-screening. Please take note of the candidate attributes used for each question because we are going to use them to trigger the action.

Here’s a detailed article on How to Set up Your Pre Screening Questions.

Watch Perry as he walks you through the steps to move candidates from the Completed Folder to the Shortlisted folder via Autoflow.

How to Set up Autoflow

  1. Go to Campaign Settings, Autoflow, then click on Add Action.

  2. On the Add Action page, click Create Trigger.

  3. For the Folder, select Completed, then click Next.

  4. Set up the triggers by selecting the candidate attributes that the candidates should have to be shortlisted.

    Pick the Candidate Attribute, select an Operator, then add a Value. Then click Create.

    💡 The candidate attribute values are case-sensitive so they should match the actual answer of the candidates.

  5. After the Create a Trigger step, click the Add Action button, then Move Candidate.

  6. Select the same campaign - Customer Service - Manila Philippines and the Target Folder should be Shortlisted.

  7. You can opt to re-assign candidates upon moving them by clicking on the re-assign toggle button. The Shortlisted Message Template will be sent if you toggle on the Send Message Template button. Lastly, add Shortlist & Rejection reasons to track candidates' strengths and weaknesses.

💡 You can also move the candidates to the Rejected folder. You need to modify the candidate attributes for those candidates who do not qualify, then follow the rest of the steps mentioned above.

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