Aside from gathering leads through various sourcing channels, you can manually add candidates to Talkpush. One method is through Manual add. Unlike Batch uploads, Manual add works best when adding a few candidates to one campaign.

Here's Perry to show you each step on how to Add candidates manually.

Add Candidates through Manual Add

  1. From the Leads tab drop-down, click Add Candidates.

  2. Select the Manual add option.

  3. From the Campaign drop-down, select a campaign where you want to add the candidate(s) and then type the Source.

    Note: It is required to select a Campaign.

  4. Type the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone number of the candidate(s). You can add more candidates by clicking on Add Row. Once done, click Continue.

    ✅ A popup notification will appear once the upload is successful.

Note: Both the First Name and Last Name are required. You may leave the Email blank if a Phone number has been specified and vice versa.

To filter all candidates added through Manual add once, it is recommended to use one Source name (e.g., Manual).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I only add candidate(s) to one campaign?

A: You can only add candidate(s) to one campaign per upload.

Q: Can I only add candidate(s) to one source?

A: You can only specify one source per upload.

Q: Why can’t I add candidates to a campaign?

A: The most common reason for failed uploads is that the candidate already exists in the system, and the selected campaign does not allow duplicate applications.

Q: Why can't I click Continue after filling out the required columns and selecting a Campaign?

A: This usually happens when you copy-paste the values, leaving a space AFTER each pasted value. Remove this extra space to continue.

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