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TalkScore + Job Matching
TalkScore + Job Matching

Leveraging TalkScore and Job Matching for Efficient Recruitment

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TalkScore is an English proficiency assessment tool that you can use to score candidates’ English levels. With these results, you can filter and automate candidate processing, and with Job Matching, TalkScore results can also be a part of an overall Job Matching score to rate candidates’ qualifications and find the best candidates for your recruitment needs.

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Use Case

Imagine you're in charge of identifying the most promising candidates for the next phase of your application process. You want to ensure that only candidates with a high TalkScore rating, solid industry experience, and proximity to the site move forward. To streamline this selection process, you can leverage Job Matching.

By assigning weights to these qualifications and linking them to specific candidate attributes within your campaign, you can automatically generate scores or ratings for each candidate. This automated approach saves you valuable time and effort, enabling you to focus on the most qualified candidates.

How to Set Up TalkScore with Job Matching

1. Go to Campaign Settings > Job Matching.

2. Click the drop-down button to select the Candidate Attributes for the qualification you are setting to score the candidates, then click Add.


TalkScore rating - TalkScore

Living near the site - Geolocation

Industry Experience - BPO Experience

3. Assign a weight for each candidate attribute at the Job Matching tab. The weight distribution should add up to 100%. Then hit Save.

4. Then, on Item Scoring, assign a scoring parameter to each item ranging from 0 to 100%. Setting up these parameters effectively allows you to evaluate candidates based on specific attributes. Assigning a 100% Item Score to a particular parameter indicates that a candidate possessing that attribute will receive the maximum score allocation.

To illustrate, let's consider the attribute "BPO Experience" in relation to candidates' industry experience. For this attribute, candidates with five years or more of experience are assigned a Job Matching score of 100%, while those without experience are assigned a 60%.

Consequently, a candidate with five years or more of BPO experience will receive the full 30% allocated for that attribute in their Job Matching.

Once the Job Matching Score has been assigned to a candidate, it will be displayed in their candidate profile as a Score Tag.

With the Candidate Attribute: Job Matching, you can filter candidate results based on how much they match and decide on the next step in the candidate’s journey.

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