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Multi-Campaign Access for Users
Multi-Campaign Access for Users

Manage Campaign Access for Users

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Two key account configurations for recruiters on our platform are Campaign Access and Round-Robin Assignment for candidate processing. These settings ensure that each recruiter can engage with ongoing campaigns and participate in the equitable distribution of incoming leads. In this article, you’ll learn how owners can set Multi-Campaign Access at once for each user in the Team Section of the Company Settings.

Navigating to Campaign Access Configurations

  1. Go to Company Settings

  2. Select Team

  3. Scroll down to users > Select the three-dot menu ⋮ for a specific user

  4. Set Campaign Access

All the campaigns are now loaded with options to:

  • Campaign Name

  • Can Access

  • Round Robin

Campaign Name

When searching for Campaigns, you can either scroll to find campaigns or Search by Campaign to find a single Campaign (use at least two letters).

Can Access

Once you have found the Campaigns you want the user to access, you can select or deselect the desired campaigns by clicking on the box. A ticked box means the selected drive will be accessible to the user.

If you want to allow the user to access all campaigns, click ‘Select All,’ which automatically ticks all the boxes for each campaign.

Round Robin

Under Round Robin, you can decide whether a user will be assigned leads to the campaigns given access.

Note: Round Robin and ‘Can Access’ can be selected simultaneously, but to grant someone the Round-Robin Assignement, they need to have the ‘Can Access’ checked when you choose Round Robin, both boxes from “Can Access” and “Round Robin” will be ticked for the Campaign.

‘Can Access’ can be selected alone, but Round Robin must have access to its partnered campaign to be ticked.

Note: If you would like to reset the selection to default, the ‘Reset Selection’ button resets all options selected to default.

Its function is only to reset the campaign selection in the current session. This means that previously saved edits to the campaign access for a user will be the reset default.

Example: If the user has access to campaign A before editing and then campaigns b and c are selected in the current editing process, the reset default will be A

Once you have finished editing the permissions to Campaigns > Save. You will receive a confirmation to confirm or cancel your edits.

After the edits have been saved and confirmed, they will be queued in the Progress Bar until complete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can users add/remove Campaign Accesses & Round Robin Assignments?
    No, only as an Owner. You can read more about the User Access Levels here.

  2. Can I do this only with new users?
    New and existing users can be granted Multi-Campaign access & Round Robin.

  3. Can I bulk-remove access?
    You may bulk remove access campaigns, but only with one user at a time.

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