Sending files and documents to candidates can be done in a few easy steps.

1. On the chat screen, click on Attach Files.

2. On the File explorer window, select the file you wish to attach.

3. Add a message to your attachment or you can also use your available Quick replies.

4. Choose the available messaging platform available for this candidate
💡 If you send VIA SMS, a link will be sent instead. The candidate will have to click on the link to download the file.

🚀 Please take note always to choose the right channel when sending a message.

Not all messaging channels are turned on for all companies. For example, you choose to send it via SMS, but you do not have an SMS line available. The system will still try to send the message, leading to a message-sending failure.

So, suppose you are sending messages in bulk. In that case, we recommend choosing the BEST AVAILABLE option as the message channel, and the system will automatically select the last channel used to communicate with the candidate.

5. Lastly, hit Send to send the message with your attachment. Here's a video of how to send files to candidates.👇

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