🧠Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this article, you will be able to understand what you can find on the candidate profile.

📌Why is it important?

The candidate profile serves as the resume of the candidate wherein you can find all the necessary information related to the candidate's application such as the application and contact details, interview answers, and other applications if there's any.

The candidate profile reloads whenever you switch from one candidate to another.

📝Use Case:

  1. The recruiter needs to screen the candidates based on their personal information and interview answers.

⚙️How to configure it?

I. Adding Labels on the Candidate Profile

Labels can only be created by users with owner and manager level of access. Limited managers can only add labels that were already created by the manager and owner.

On the top of the candidate profile, simply click on the (+) below the candidate's name and select the label for this candidate
Note: (You can delete a label by clicking on the X icon)

II. Action Buttons

The four buttons to the right of the candidate’s image are used to move the candidate into different folders throughout the recruitment process. You may move a candidate to the Shortlist, Rejected, On Hold, or Hired folders.

These buttons will trigger the candidate to move to the shortlisted/ rejected/ on hold and hired folder.

When moving a candidate to shortlist or to reject the candidate will be notified according to the campaign settings. I the automated notification message to the candidate is enabled in the campaign settings the candidate will be notified, if it is turned off the candidate will not be notified.

You can create a custom folder as well.

III. Editing the Candidate Profile

Edit Info enables the user to change or add information to the candidate's profile. This feature greatly helps in categorizing the candidates in our search feature

The user can edit the basic information and contact details such as; Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Location.

Secondly, the user can also edit the application details such as Education change the schedule of the candidate's onsite interview. This will depend on your recruitment center's availability.

Learn more about how to edit a profile here.

IV. Sharing Candidate Profiles

The share button gives the user options to generate a link and choose which information you’d like to include. This link is shared through email.
You can send this by simply adding the email address of the recipient. (The recipient does not need to have a Talkpush account). Once they receive the email, the can just click on this link to view the profile of this candidate. They also have the option to leave comments.

Learn the step by step guide by clicking here. 👈

V. Uploading Files to Candidate Profiles

Recruiters can also manually attach files to the candidate profile such as resume and other requirements by clicking on the upload button.

VI. Candidate and Application Profile Details

In this section, candidate and application details are captured for each field.

VII. Other Information

Candidate's answers to the questions linked to an attribute appear in the other information section. Learn more about candidate attributes on this link.

Recruiters can also manually add additional information to a candidate profile by clicking on the "add other information" button.

VI. Add Comments

The candidate's history tells recruiters and hiring managers where they have been and what they have done, but could lack some vital information.

The hiring manager might need to know more about the candidate and what they have learned from experiences. That's where the additional comments section comes into play.

Learn how to add comments here.

VII. Interview Responses

Screen the candidates by reviewing their interview responses.

Learn how to set up campaign questions on this link.

VIII. Other Applications

This section shows you multiple application profiles of the candidate in the event that he or she has applied to different job postings

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