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How to Generate a HAR File

Effective error reports make for faster resolutions

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Many errors can be caused by things we cannot see directly on our screens. This can include latency, errors 500, issues when performing Bulk Actions and more. Fortunately, our browsers can help record what happens in the background, and save it for us as a HAR file.

What is a HAR File?
HAR stands for HTTP Archive; with it, you can create a recording file that tracks network request movements while performing an action in a web platform. In simple words, a recording of everything that went right and wrong while you were working in your browser.

So, if you run into an issue while using Talkpush, create a HAR file while getting the error and submit it to the Support Team. With it, we'll identify the performance issues that are affecting your workflow and provide a solution.

Note: Use Chrome as your web browser to get the best navigation experience with Talkpush.

How to Generate HAR File

1. Go to the Talkpush window where the error is occurring.

2. Click the (⋮) menu on the right upper corner of your Chrome window.

3. Go to More Tools > Developer Tools.

4. Find and click the option Network from the Developer Tools Panel.

5. Click on the record button 🔴 (red means recording).

6. Activate the Preserve Log box ✅.

7. Click on the 🚫 button to delete historical data.

8. Reproduce the issue until the error is recorded.

9. To save the file right click under any name in the rows and click on Save all as HAR with content.

Once you have your file ready, send it to us by using Intercom on the lower right corner of your screen, and we'll make sure the engineering team receives and analyzes it for prompt resolutions.

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You can chat with our Product Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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