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Users with Owner Access can add new users and assign and change their roles.

Here's a guide to the responsibilities and tasks for each role.

Add a new team member by following this quick video guide.

How to Add a New Team Member

1. Go to Company Settings > Team. Scroll down and click Add User.

2. Enter the new user's details, including First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

3. Select the new user’s Role on the drop-down list. Fill out optional details, then click Add User.

4. The user will get an email invitation to activate their account.

Note: If your company is SSO enabled, new users will not receive an email to activate their account. Once added to the team, the new user can log in to their Talkpush account using their work email credentials.

Once the new user is added, the Owner should provide the user access to the necessary campaigns on the Campaign Settings. Otherwise, the new user will not view any existing campaigns.

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