Users with Owner Access can add new users and assign them different permission levels or delete/change the roles of existing users according to their roles.

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Setting Up the Team

To view all your company's user accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Company Settings tab.

  2. Select the Team option from the column on the left side of the screen.


On the Team Panel, you'll find the following description for each user access.

  • Owner: The Owner is the Company Admin, who has complete configuration access to overall Talkpush features. The Owner can add or delete/deactivate users and even change team members’ roles of existing members.

  • Manager: On the other hand, a Manager will not have access to or visibility on the Company settings or Analytics tab. Also, the manager would not have access to campaigns that they did not create unless the Manager or Owner who made the campaign grants them access to the campaign. When a Manager is given access to a campaign or creates a new campaign, they can update the, assign candidates to recruiters, edit communication settings such as labels, and add quick replies.

  • Limited Manager: Unlike the Manager and Owner, the limited manager cannot develop campaigns. Even if they have access to the Campaign Settings, they are unable to alter them. They are unable to add labels or create quick replies. They can only administer the labels and quick replies that the manager and Owner have pre-programmed.

  • Manager with Analytics access: This role is quite similar to the Manager level role. But here, they have access to the analytics tab but do not access the company settings. To access the campaigns, they should be a campaign owner or need permission from the Owner or Manager of the campaign. They can update, assign candidates to recruiters, edit/add labels, and add quick replies.

  • Onboarding Admin: Onboarding Admins are somewhat identical to a Manager and a Limited Manager. They are unable to access the company settings or the analytics tab. They will only be able to access campaigns and leads for which they have permission. They can add candidates and candidate attributes, as well as give labels and quick replies. They also have full access to Onboarding features such as viewing and downloading candidate documents, sending mail/chat attachments, receiving mail tokens, creating document templates, and asking document questions.

Here's a brief reference guide to the responsibilities and tasks that each may do.

How To Add Your Team

The Talkpush Customer Success team can add new users. (Please keep in mind that adding new members may be limited by your subscription restrictions and user quotas.)

✅ Steps for the Owner

  1. Owner users must navigate to Company Settings.

  2. Click on the Team option, present on the left column

  3. Click on the Add User button below the Managers Accounts table.

4. On clicking the Add User button, a pop-up form appears where the Owner must enter the details of the new user, which includes their First Name, Last Name, Email, Roles (a drop-down menu includes roles such as Owner, Manager, Limited manager, Manager with analytics access, and Onboarding Admin allows you to select the roles for new users), and other optional details such as Job title, Phone Number, and Skype ID.

5. After filling out the information, click on the Add User button. The new user gets registered in your company's Talkpush account. The user will get an email inviting them to activate their account.

6. Next, decide whether the new user has Owner, Manager, or Limited Manager permissions.

🤖 Note: Once the new user is registered, the Owner should provide the user access to the necessary campaigns; otherwise, the new user will not view any existing campaigns. The Owner can do the setting from the Campaign Settings section of the relevant campaign.

User access cannot be deleted, only disabled. This is to keep the associated data on the user account as messages sent, bulk actions, assigned applicants, etc.

Steps for Users

The new user will receive an email from Talkpush Client Services when the Owner creates a new user. If they don't receive this email right away, they can check the spam box.

  • Email Sender - Talkpush Client Services <>

  • Email Subject - Confirmation Instructions

The registered new user must click the “Confirm Your Account button” after receiving the email. This will lead them to the Setup Password* screen, where they can activate the account.

💡*Passwords should include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one unique character, and one number.

That's all! The new user's account is created, and they can now log in to their account.

They can open the following link and add their credentials:

And begin their interaction with the candidate right away.

Best of luck with hiring! 👍

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