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Set up the company's information, users, and other features in the Company Settings Tab!

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Users with Owner access can completely access and configure the Company Settings, which can be clicked on the CRM's menu bar.

There are different tabs under the Company Settings, discussed in detail below.


The Settings tab allows the user to configure the following settings:

  • Company Description

    This will appear on the Talkpush Landing Pages and the job openings displayed on job boards via Talkpush.

  • Company Address

    Update the street, city, state/region, ZIP code, and country of the company.

  • Color Scheme

    Choose a color scheme/hexcode that will be reflected on the company's Job Landing Pages and Career Sites.

  • Privacy Policy

    Your company's account can receive an opt-in confirmation for its Privacy Policy by pasting the URL of this policy in the text box as shown below. This policy usually explains the recruiters' access to the applicant's personally identifiable data as part of the GPDR compliance procedure.

  • SMS Opt-out

    The applicants can choose to unsubscribe from your company's database through SMS if this feature is enabled.

  • SMS Usage Limit

    Users can set up the SMS Consumption/Usage Limit as per the company's usage. Once done with the configurations, click Save.

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Career Site

This option helps you setup the following feature:

  • Career Site: This can automatically create a Career Site that shows all the active job campaigns, allowing candidates to view the job vacancies on a Talkpush-hosted website.

  • Branding: This is where you can customize your Career Site according to your company's branding. You can specify a Header Color and upload a Logo and Banner.

  • Tracking: This feature allows users to track the traffic to the Career Site using a Google Tag Manager ID, typically handled by your marketing team.

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Team Settings

The Team panel lets the Owner add/delete new users and configure their roles.

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Candidate Management

Candidate Management is a setting that allows users to customize the handling of duplicate candidates.

  • The Duplicate Management tab helps you filter duplicate applications by defining criteria to recognize and prevent identical candidates from entering the Talkpush CRM.

  • Allow Multiple Applications is toggled to ON by default. The option will allow or prevent the same candidates to apply to multiple campaigns.

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Facebook settings

This setting lets the user manage the installation of the Facebook Messenger chatbot.

  • This can be done when the Talkpush Admin is authorized to mirror the Owner’s login to install the chatbot on the Company's Facebook page.

  • The Talkpush Admin connects to Facebook (by clicking LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK) and finalizes the integration, i.e., the Talkpush Facebook App is now installed on the company’s Facebook Page. Once done, the user can view an Unsubscribe button for all the connected Facebook pages.

📌 Note: The Talkpush admin user will require Admin access to the company’s Facebook page, which needs to be given before proceeding with the integration step.

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Facebook Lead Ads

  • This option enables Talkpush's Facebook Lead Ads Manager to view Lead Ads from its Facebook Business Manager page and connect them to active campaigns with a single click.

  • The user can view a Log registry and get a CSV with all incoming leads and their status in Talkpush.

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Recruitment Centers

This is where users can configure their Recruitment Centers. The goal is to automate onsite scheduling interviews with candidates based on the availability of the recruiters, the footfall capacity for each location, and the set working hours. Each slot refers to a single candidate interview.

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Communication Settings

Under this setting, you can manage the following features:

  • Here, you can set a time when a candidate will get a rejection notification. Also, manage the sharing of candidate profile links by setting up expiry dates for the link to expire within the selected number of days.

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Folder Settings

Talkpush has default folders that correspond to the key stages in the recruiting process, such as Inbox, Completed, On Hold, Shortlisted, Hired, and Rejected. These folders help you manage and organize all incoming leads efficiently. Moreover, you can add custom folders should you need them.

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Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics tab will be visible to the Owner and Manager who have Analytics Access. Users with this access can enable the Old Dashboard or Dashboard 2.0 or even both by turning ON the associated toggles.

When both dashboards are enabled, a dropdown menu appears on the Analytics tab in the leads screen with two alternatives (Dashboard v1 and Dashboard v2).

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