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Managing your Team in Talkpush
Managing your Team in Talkpush

User Management Actions: Adding, deleting, activating/deactivating, and bulk assigning campaign access to your team

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Users with the Permission Level ‘Owner’ have access to the team's configurations, including Adding, deleting, activating, and deactivating team members.

Users with Owner Access can:

  • Add new users

  • Assign and change their roles

  • Activate users

  • Deactivate users

  • Delete a user

    Here's a guide to the responsibilities and tasks for each role:

Add New users

  1. Go to Company Settings > Team. Scroll down and click Add User.

  2. Enter the new user's details, including First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

  3. Select the new user’s Role on the drop-down list. Fill out optional details, then click Add User.

  4. The user will get an email invitation to activate their account.

    Note: If your company is SSO enabled, new users will not receive an email to activate their account. Once added to the team, the new user can log in to their Talkpush account using their work email credentials.

Once the new user is added, the Owner should provide the user access to the necessary campaigns on the Campaign Settings. Otherwise, the new user will not view any existing campaigns.

Heres a quick video guide on adding new users.

How To Assign/Change Roles

To assign a user:

  1. Go to Company Settings

  2. Select Team

  3. Scroll down to users > Select the three-dot menu ⋮ for a specific user

  4. Set Campaign Access

Once you have found the Campaigns you want the user to access, you can select or deselect the desired campaigns by clicking on the box. A ticked box means the selected drive will be accessible to the user.

learn more on how owners can set Multi-Campaign Access at once for each user in the Team Section of the Company Settings here.

To change roles of a user:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Teams.

  2. From the list of users, find the user you want to update access.

  3. Click the dropdown button to access the list of user’s access.

  4. Select the desired role.

  5. Click on Change Role to confirm the action.

Adjust access levels to suit your company's needs. Pick from five options: Owner, Manager, Manager with Analytics, Onboarding Admin, and Limited Manager. Easily manage who sees what and improve your hiring process effortlessly.

Activate Users

Go to Company Settings > Teams > desired user > Activate > Confirm action

Deactivate Users

  1. Go to Company settings > Team, scroll down to users

  2. Select deactivate next to the user you would like to perform this action on

  3. You will get a prompt to confirm

  4. You can also activate the user with the same process

  • This manager will no longer be able to log in but you will still be able to identify their ratings and comments on the system.

How to delete a user

  1. Go to Company settings > Team, scroll down to users

  2. Click on the three dot menu

  3. select Delete users

  4. You will get a prompt to confirm the deletion

Note: You will no longer be able to see ratings, comments or actions done by a deleting user.

Example - after the user was deleted, we can no longer see who edited/actioned a profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the difference between “deleting” and “deactivating” a user?
    Ratings and comments from a deleted user will no longer be seen . But if you deactivate a user and simply prevent them from logging in, you can still see their ratings and comments in the system. So, while deactivating seems like a quick fix, keeping their access can help maintain valuable feedback for the organization.

  • Can users from my company use different domains?
    Yes, they can; however, the company requires SSO we can only use one domain because there is only 1 SSO setting per company

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