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Talkpush + Seek

Create a smooth candidate experience by integrating Seek to your Talkpush campaigns

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Talkpush is made compatible with different sourcing channels, even those that require integration with other systems such as job boards. Seek, Australia’s number one employment marketplace can be integrated into Talkpush to deliver a seamless and quality candidate experience!

There are two ways on how you can integrate Seek to Talkpush campaigns:

Option 1: Collecting Seek Candidates via the Talkpush Inbound Email Address

⚙️ How to Configure it on Seek

Job boards like Seek can be linked to Talkpush via an inbound email address that receives all applications from a job post.

The inbound email address can be found in the Campaign Settings > Sourcing tab of the specific campaign where you wanted to capture your Seek leads. Below is an example:

Create your Seek job advertisement using your employer credentials. When doing so, an automatic prompt will ask you to select how frequently you want to be notified of new applications.

Choose “Every Application Email” and place the inbound email address from Talkpush in the box as seen below.

Once you have pasted this email address as a recipient of incoming candidates, resumes will be automatically added to your Talkpush campaign as soon as candidates apply. The data from the resume will be automatically extracted, parsed, and organized in your Talkpush account.

Should you have existing Seek job advertisements, you can configure the same by going to Manage Job option on your Seek menu bar and Select Notifications. Once you're on the next screen, follow the steps described above.

🧍How the Candidate Journey looks like

1. A candidate searches for a job on Seek and clicks on Apply to submit the application.

2. Once an application is submitted, a candidate profile will be created inside the Talkpush job campaign.

3. Your candidate will receive an Invitation notification via SMS and email with a link to a unique Landing Page. This landing page is already pre-filled with information that Talkpush parsed from the candidate's Seek application. The candidate just needs to complete answering the pre-screening questions that you've configured on the campaign before they can complete the submission.

See below screenshot of a sample landing page.

Option 2: Automatically Redirecting Seek Applications to Talkpush via Apply-via-Seek

⚙️ How to Configure it on Seek

Once you've created your Seek job advertisement, navigate to "Application preferences". When asked how you want applicants to apply, choose the option "Via your Company website".

Next, find the "Application form URL" field and add the Talkpush landing page URL. If you're unsure where to find the Talkpush landing page URL, you can check this help article.

Lastly, you will find a field called "Internal Reference number" which is a field you can use to help you organize your leads. This could be a requisition number, a date, or something else. You are free to use any identifier of your liking in this field as long as you'll be able to track applications using this identifier.

Note: You can find the Talkpush Landing Page URL on the Sourcing Tab of the Campaign Settings.

🧍How the Candidate Journey looks like

1. The candidate finds a job in SEEK and clicks "Apply for this job"

2. The candidate is automatically redirected to a Talkpush landing page associated with that SEEK job ad to sign-up.

3. The candidate clicks the "Apply with SEEK” button.

4. Candidate authorizes Seek to share their candidate information with Talkpush.

5. The candidate's information is automatically populated on the Talkpush landing page. Candidates just need to answer the pre-screening questions to complete the submission.

💡 Pro Tips

Let the candidates fully express themselves by having them respond in audio or video -- you can set it up in the Campaign Settings > Question Tab.

After the pre-screening stage, you can further automate the process by setting triggers and criteria for the next step. You can check this article on AutoFlow to learn how. 😎 If an appointment needs to be set, there is no need to chase your candidates for a schedule. Let them choose their availability and book straight to your calendar -- in this way, both you and the candidate will come prepared for the interview.

Lastly, when the candidate gets hired, we can further guide them during the onboarding process and on their first day with our Talkpush Onboard program.

🤔 Do you have any questions? We want to help! 💚

You can chat with our Support team by clicking on the intercom button on the lower section of your Talkpush screen. We're one click away.

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