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Integrate Naukri to your Talkpush campaigns to create a smooth candidate experience.

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Updated over a week ago - India’s No. 1 Job Site provides the best opportunity for everyone to find the right job. Since Talkpush is made compatible with systems that require integration such as job boards, integrating Naukri into Talkpush will surely provide a consistent and high-quality candidate experience.

There are two ways on how you can integrate Naukri to Talkpush campaigns:

A. Inbound Email Address

B. Redirecting Naukri Applications to Talkpush

📌 A. Inbound Email Address

⚙️ How to Configure it on Naukri

Job boards like Naukri can be linked to Talkpush via an inbound email address that receives all applications from a job post.

The inbound email address can be found in the sourcing channel of the campaign.

For the jobs posted on Naukri, applications are by default be collected in the Response Manager tab.

Additionally, you can add up to 9 email IDs to collect responses for a posted job.

On the Job Posting tab, Go to Manage Response and Choose “On Response Manager and Email” and place the inbound email address from Talkpush.

Once you have pasted this email address as a recipient of incoming candidates, resumes will be automatically added to this campaign, and the data from the resume will be automatically extracted, parsed, and organized in your Talkpush account.

🧍How the Candidate Journey looks like

A candidate searches for a job on Naukri and clicks on Apply.

Once an application is submitted, a candidate profile will be created inside the Talkpush job campaign.

Next, a notification with a link to messenger or landing page will be sent out to the candidate to start the pre-screening stage right away, even from their mobile phones! The candidate's information is automatically populated on the Talkpush landing page. Candidates just need to answer the pre-screening questions to complete the submission.

📌 B.Redirecting Naukri Applications to Talkpush

For applications to be redirected to another site you would need to buy an additional feature or a plug-in for redirecting any applicant to a customized company URL.

For this second option, since this may incur additional expenses on your end, better to reach out to your Naukri Account manager to confirm the best way to maximize your subscription.

💡 Pro Tip

Let the candidates fully express themselves by having them respond in audio or video -- you can set it up in the Campaign Settings > Question Tab.

After the pre-screening stage, you can further automate the process by setting triggers and criteria for the next step. You can check this article on AutoFlow to learn how. 😎 If an appointment needs to be set, there is no need to chase your candidates for a schedule. Let them choose their availability and book straight to your calendar -- in this way, both you and the candidate will come prepared for the interview.

Lastly, when the candidate gets hired, we can further guide them during the onboarding process and on their first day with our Talkpush Onboard program.

🏆 Coming up...

Aside from Facebook Jobs and Google Jobs, your hiring opportunities can be easily posted in Naukri. This feature will be available in the first quarter of 2022!

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