We all have experienced receiving spam messages with links leading us to unknown spaces on the internet. There could be people who clicked on the link and were deceived by these spammers or scammers which leads one of the leading mobile providers in the Philippines, Globe, to start blocking all messages that contain any links to secure all its users and avoid any more scam until the SIM Registration Bill is implemented (which will probably happen sometime next year).

SMS has been the top channel used by recruiters in communicating with their applicants. The following are the type of messages that will be affected by this change:

  • Invitation messages with messenger or landing page interview links

  • Assessment reminders with assessment links

  • Request to schedule interview via recruitment center or Cronofy

  • Reengagement messages to cold leads

But the good thing is, just like any other fairytale, we won’t let the bad guys win. Talkpush supports other communication channels such as Messenger, and Emails, aside from SMS which we can maximize to get our messages across to the applicants.

Below are some things we can do per sourcing channel or engagement type:

Job Boards

The most common method of integrating your job board ads to Talkpush is through the inbound email address found in the campaign settings. This works all the time but in order for the candidates to complete the pre-screening questions, they have to click on the link that we are going to send to them via SMS since it’s going to be blocked, here’s what we can do:

  1. Enable the invitation email in the campaign settings for the invitation, completion, shortlisted, and rejection.

  2. If there are links needed to be sent out on the default folders, you can inform the candidate about it thru SMS and send the link via email like the image below.

  3. Make use of the job board’s redirection feature if available. Not all job boards have this kind of feature and even if they have, sometimes it’s for an additional cost or a plug-in that they have to activate. Make sure to reach out to your job board’s account manager in case this is not available in your account. But basically what happens here is that whenever a candidate applies, they will be redirected to another webpage and this is where we can use Talkpush’s customized messenger or landing page links.

✅, Facebook Lead Ads

Applications coming from lead ads follow the same flow as job board applications which is why we can also use the first two methods highlighted above.

Another thing we can do is instead of using lead ad instant forms, we can just generate the leads through a website. Here’s a quick guide on how you can set it up.

1. Create your own campaign in ads manager and choose Leads as your objective. You can also name your campaign and ad set below. Click on Continue.

2. Under the Ad Set part, you should be able to choose which location you would like the ad to generate leads. Instead of choosing Instant Forms which is the default option chosen, click on Website. Set your budget and audience and click on Next.

3. On the Ad setup page, upload the materials and edit the caption you would like to use in your ads. And at the bottom part, you should be able to see the Destination section and put the link of Talkpush’s custom messenger or landing page link on the textbox under Website.

Once done, review the ad and click on Publish. All candidates who will apply via a lead ad will now be redirected to Talkpush’s messenger or landing page link!

💡 Reengagement, Reminders, Interview Scheduling

Currently, if we want to engage with cold leads, send candidates reminders about their incomplete applications and assessments, schedule them for interviews, or even reminders to schedule themselves, we use SMS to reach out or connect with them. We can still do it but we just have to make sure that there are no links attached it. However, in cases where we need to really send out the links, we can do the following:

1. Maximize other channels such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and Emails.
2. Inform them via SMS that the links are sent out to their emails with instructions on the next steps.

🚀 Pro Tip: Since we will be making use of emails so much, better to activate Email SES to increase credibility as candidates tend to open emails if they are coming from a company that they are familiar with. Learn more about it here.

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