With sourcing tools and channels springing everywhere, recruiters nowadays find it easy to get a good volume of leads for the never ending job requisitions that come their way. You know what's not easy though? Processing them without toggling between hundreds of tabs and applications. 

The good news is, Talkpush has the capability to bring all these leads from all these different channels into one folder without sacrificing source tracking. How does it work? Simply head over to your Campaign Settings, and click Sourcing.

This tab is where you can configure all integrations with your supply channels. By integrating their sourcing channels with Talkpush, all candidates who apply will automatically be sent to the campaign and receive notifications.

Messenger Chatbot

This section is where you can activate a campaign to be able to show it in the list of jobs or inquiries available on your Facebook Messenger. 

Each campaign can either be enabled as a job wherein candidates will be asked the interview questions (which you can set up here ), or as an inquiry wherein candidates will be able to leave their questions or feedback. If a campaign is disabled, it will not show on Facebook Messenger, but it will still remain an active campaign in Talkpush and can still be used for other purposes like integration with other channels and SMS campaigns among others.

A campaign will also have a unique link which can be sent to your candidates, and upon clicking, will open up the Messenger app or a new tab for Messenger and start the interview.

To set up, decide if your campaign is for lead generation or for inquiry gathering, fill out all the details needed, and click OK. Editing should be done on the Campaign Settings tab.

Traffic Ads (using Messenger Chatbot)

Should you wish to run traffic ads or paid Facebook ads that would direct your audience to your Messenger, you may refer to a step-by-step guide here.

Landing Page

This section allows a user to send candidates a direct link of the campaign to be able to complete an interview via our landing pages.

This is the first part of the landing page. The details shown here are the same details you’ve set up at the main Campaign Settings.

The second part of the landing page includes the questions set up in the campaign.

The landing page can be best used for free social media postings, event registrations, and web forums wherein candidates can be directly added to the campaign whilst also completing an interview. 

In the Landing Page URL editor you update the landing page to perform additional actions, such as

  • Tracking via a Facebook Pixel
  • Redirecting to another URL after the lead completed the interview, or simply reloading itself (if the Redirect URL is left empty), this is particularly useful for events where you are providing the computer, tablet on which leads are signing up/filing out the landing page
  • And you can track a custom source, that will be added to all leads that complete their interview via the landing page

When updating the URL, the URL is just generated once and if you refresh the page the default URL will be displayed again. This lets you create multiple URLs to the same landing page tracking different sources, e.g. for different hiring events.

Click here for a sample of our landing pages.

Google Forms

If you prefer Google Sheets over landing pages, you may simply integrate your Google Sheet so every time a candidate submits a form, he will automatically be added to the campaign integrated.

How to setup the google form properly:

Head over to Google Forms' site: Google.com/forms

Log-in if you haven't already

Create a brand new form (edit questions and strictly follow the structure below)

Question 1 - Full Name
Question 2 - Email
Question 3 - Phone Number
Question 4 - Location or Current Location (optional)
Question 5 - Highest Level of Education (optional)
Question 6 - # of years of experience (optional)
After this question, the followingquestions are only for running an ERP program
Question 7 - referringemployee's Name (optional)
Question 8 - referring employee's Email (optional)
Question 9 - referring employee's Phone Number (optional)
Question 10 - referring employee's employee ID (optional)
Question 11 - referring employee's account (optional)

  1. Once the form is setup, switch focus to the "Responses" tab form the "Questions" tab
  2. Look for a little "google spreadsheet" icon and click on it to "Create Spreadsheet"
  3. Upon the popup "Select response destination" and choose "Create a new spreadsheet"
  4. You will be directed to the new google spreadsheet in a new window
  5. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar
  6. Paste the link back into Talkpush's Add Candidate - Google Form tab
  7. Click on "Submit"
  8. Authorize Talkpush to access your spreadsheet when you're asked to.
  9. You'll be redirected back to Talkpush's page afterwards and you're done

Job Boards

Talkpush is compatible with the major job boards online like Jobstreet, Naukri, Indeed, Seek, etc. In this section, you will be provided with a unique e-mail address you should input in the section where your job board receives the application.

Here as an example is integrating with Jobstreet. When editing your ad, you will come across a section where your job board gives you an option to forward the candidate’s CV to an e-mail address. Copy the e-mail address on your campaign (xxx-xxx@inbound.talkpush.com where first xxx is the company ID and the 2nd xxx is the campaign ID), and paste it on the field for forwarding CVs.

Indeed (direct integration possible!)

Talkpush offers a direct Indeed integration, meaning once you have set up the campaign with all the Job Details (refer to campaign settings tab). To get your job published to Indeed, simply toggle the 'Advertise this job opening on Indeed' button. This will automatically send the job to Indeed for publishing. Please note that there is a review period for Indeed to review and approve your job before its published.

SMS Apply

Here in this section, you'll find the SMS Hotline you can advertise with as well as the Campaign ID associated to the campaign you wish to advertise for. Different campaigns have different campaign IDs so make sure to associate the correct ID to the correct campaign when advertising.

Don't forget to educate your potential candidates to follow a strict formatting rule when SMSing to avoid parsing errors:



Campaign ID (this will be displayed on the Messenger link in the Messenger Bot section, and enclosed in a parenthesis)

Facebook Lead Ads

We have a whole separate article on integrating with Facebook Lead Ads

Talkpush's Facebook Lead Ad integration allows you to connect your Facebook Lead Ads

application directly to its incoming candidate flow. Simply copy your ad’s Lead Ad ID (which you can find when editing an ad), and paste it in the Lead Ads section of Talkpush under Integrations.

You may watch a more detailed tutorial here, or read the step-by-step guide here.

Popup Bot

If you want your career page visitors to easily apply to your job openings without filling out the painfully long form in your career page, simply plug in the Facebook Messenger Bot. 

This gives your candidates access to your Facebook Messenger without having to go to your Facebook page.

Your Career Site 

You can also integrate Talkpush to import candidates who apply in your career site. For this to work, you will have to utilize the Talkpush API documentation and update your career site source code to pass on candidate applications as soon as they click apply. 

Sample Company Career Site

As you can see, Talkpush integrates will all different types of sourcing channels making the CRM a one-stop-shop for your candidate application processing. Processing candidates across channels isn't painful any more.


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