The Candidate Profile is a section on the right side of the Leads Tab that summarizes all the relevant information from a candidate. πŸ” You can use it to search for specific information and discover candidates' details in seconds.

We've also incorporated clickable content (buttons, text, menus) for you to take action while navigating the Candidate Profile, for example, to shortlist a candidate or share their Profile with another peer.

In this article, you'll learn all the functionalities regarding the Candidate Profile and discover great tips to make the experience even better. πŸš€

Article Tour πŸ“

All the sections inside the Candidate Profile.


  • Profile Picture: If the Candidate's source has a Profile Picture (for example, leads coming from Facebook), their profile picture will be displayed in the Cover section as a background; otherwise, a standard image will be shown, as in the image above.

  • Campaign: The Campaign in which the candidate is located.

  • Campaign Settings: Quick access to the Campaign's Settings.

  • Folder: The Folder in which the candidate is located.

  • Name: The Name of the Candidate.

  • Labels : Labels are created by users with Owner Access. Nonetheless, any user can visualize them or add new ones to a Candidate Profile.

    • Add a Label: Click on the Add Label symbol to see a dropdown list with all the available Labels; select one to add it to the Candidate Profile. Learn more here.

    • Remove a Label: Click on the Label's name.

Action Buttons

Each button represents a Folder in the Campaign; clicking any of them will move the candidate to the selected Folder. Before the movement is completed, a confirmation window will be displayed.


There are two sections :

  • Application Section: Visualize all the summarized information from the candidate; all the content written in the upcoming sections of the article is discoverable under the Application Section.

  • Documents Section: In this window, you can manually upload documents for the candidate. For example, a CV, a photocopy, a PDF document, etc.

Additionally, suppose you request a candidate to submit documents using the Mail Attachment Token. In that case, the data sent by the candidates will be stored in the Documents section for easy access.

Tokens underneath the Chatbox

If you want to delete a document, click on the pencil icon ✏️ next to the document name. This will display the option to delete πŸ—‘, and after clicking it, a confirmation to proceed.


The Details Section offers three details types:

  1. Internal Details (Talkpush)

    Information correspondent to Talkpush. The candidate's Campaign and Folder location, as well as two key identifiers.

    • Candidate ID: Identification of a single candidate who has multiple applications under the same phone number or email.

    • Application ID: Identification for a single application.

    A candidate can have multiple Application IDs but only one Candidate ID.

  2. Contact Details

    The following information can be found under Contact Details.

  3. Application Details

    The following information can be found under Application Details.

  • Scheduled at: Date and time in which a Candidate has a scheduled interview.

  • Date Added: Date in which a Candidate's Application was created in Talkpush.

  • Completed at: Date in which a Candidate Completed its Application.

  • Source: Source in which the candidate interacted for the first time with Talkpush.

  • Facebook Page: Facebook Page connected to the Candidate's Campaign.

Edit Information ✍️

To Edit Information from a Candidate Profile, click on the Edit Info button. Not all the fields are available to edit. The editable ones display an editable text box. When you Edit a Candidate's Profile, the action will be logged in the Chatbox.


You can share a Candidate's Profile with Talkpush members or external parties. To read all about it, click here.

Assigned Recruiter

As soon as a recruiter is assigned to an application, its name will be displayed under this window. Hovering on the name will prompt an ❌ symbol; clicking on it will unassign the recruiter from the application without a second confirmation; once you click, it's done.

Other Information

Under Other Information, you'll find all the data collected from a Candidate's Application when they respond to questions that have been linked to Candidate Attributes. Click here for more information about Candidate Attributes.

All the fields are editable. Click the Edit button to edit all the fields, or hover over the field and click on the pencil icon ✏️ that allows you to edit an individual field and delete it πŸ—‘.

Press the button in the image below to add more Candidate Attributes to the Profile.


If a Candidate Submits an Attachment, it will be displayed in this section.

You can request Attachments using the Mail Attachment Token.

Tokens underneath the Chatbox


In the Comments Section, you'll see the comments made by you or a peer with whom you've shared the Candidate Profile.

Hovering on the comment will prompt an ❌ symbol clicking on it will delete the comment from the application without a second confirmation; once you click, it's gone.

Shared with

Once you've Shared a Candidate Profile, you can track down the action here. This window will allow you to see with whom and when you've shared the Profile, if the guest or teammate has seen the Profile. As well as the option to resend the request or revoke access to it.


When a Candidate has Completed its prescreening, the answers will be populated under this section. This eases the process of visualizing and analyzing the responses. You will see the Candidate's Application ID and the date when the answer was submitted.

πŸ“ Note: If you see a "grayed out" answer section, the candidate likely has other applications, and the answers displayed belong to another completed application.

Other Applications

If your company allows it, candidates can apply to different positions and even multiple times in the same Campaign. If the option is enabled, other applications will be stored in this section for easy access.

πŸ‘‰ Read more about Duplicate Candidate Management Configuration Options.

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