Building and nurturing select talent pools is a time and money-saving recruitment strategy that allows you to re-engage candidates during the recruitment process, particularly for sourced candidates who dropped off during their prescreening or were rejected and now fit your hiring needs. Instead of waiting for new applicants to find you, contact those you've already found.

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4 Great features to run re-engagement campaigns in Talkpush

Talkpush allows you to send thousands of customized messages to candidates in minutes through multiple two-way channels. When it comes to re-engagement efforts, these are our top four features.


Talkpush allows users to communicate via the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as SMS and email as digital routes to complement other messaging socials. You can choose one or multiple channels to communicate with candidates through their favorite platform.


You may deliver practically tailor-made messages that boost the applicant experience and your brand image by using tokens. A one-second click on the 'First Name' token will personalize the message, capturing the attention of your applicant and making them feel as if you're speaking personally to them.

The following are some of the most commonly used tokens to customize a message:

  • First Name

  • Assigned Recruiter

  • Position

  • Company Name

Learn more about Tokens in our comprehensive Token guide. Click here.

Bi-directional Communication

Candidates might have concerns or suggestions. Our communication channels allow two-way communication so that candidates can message you anytime, holding real-time conversations. Candidates will feel heard, validated, and aware that there is a real person on the other side, thus improving their candidate experience.

Calls to action

Depending on where your applicants fell out or were rejected, you can incorporate multiple calls to action. For instance, you might redirect them to a test by your assessment provider or ask them to fill out additional information on your Landing Page. Typically, you'd include:

Top 2 re-engagement campaigns types

These are the most common re-engagement campaigns run from Talkpush using Bulk Messaging.

  • Re-engaging candidates who didn't complete their application process
    Some candidates might've forgotten to complete their prescreening, so it's a perfect opportunity to re-engage with them—most drop-off candidates' applications will be in your campaign's Inbox Folder.

  • Re-engaging rejected or on-hold candidates
    You may have previously rejected an applicant due to a lack of hiring quotas or because they missed a specific qualification (for example, a minimum language level), but now you may have an opening for them. So get in touch! Yes, it's possible that rejecting them was difficult, but use your best words to contact them. They may still be looking for a job, and re-engaging with them will be far faster than finding a newly qualified candidate.

Running a re-engagement campaign in Talkpush

👣 Step-by-step: Bulk Messaging

  1. Select the Campaign/s, Folder/s, and Filter Criteria that apply to your re-engagement candidate pool.

  2. Select candidates by clicking on their profile picture or select ALL the candidates by ticking the circle underneath the search bar; this will open the Bulk Actions menu.

  3. To Bulk Message the selected applicants, click 'Send Message'. Write your message in the chatbox, and remember to add tokens!

  4. Choose your preferred communication channel from the list. The 'Best Available' channel is the default option; it sends the message to the candidates' latest interaction channel.

    Note: If an email, phone number, or opt-in is missing from the application, some channels may be unavailable.

  5. Click the arrow and send those messages away.

The best time to deliver a re-engagement message

Delivering your messages at the right time is crucial to guarantee success in your re-engagement campaign. Talkpush's Analytics gives you insight into your candidate's peak activity hours and days to carry out your strategy impeccably.


  1. Go to the Analytics Dashboard V2

  2. Click on Candidate Experience

  3. Check out your Applications by Day of the Week

  4. Analyze Leads by Time of Day

From this example, we can conclude the ideal time to re-engage with candidates would be Monday at 11 AM or 4 PM. This information varies for each company, geography, and even campaign; to search these stats by a campaign, modify the 'Campaign Title' filter on the top of the page:

With Talkpush Analytics, you can learn a lot more about your applicants' activities. To read more about the Analytics Tab 2.0, click here.

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