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Set up your candidate meeting with My Calendar

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A quick step-by-step guide is here for you! Watch this video from Perry of the Product Support Team!

Sync Your Calendar to Talkpush 🗓

1. Go to your account settings in the upper right corner and click on My Calendar.

2. On My Calendar, select your calendar provider. E.g., Google

3. On the Pop-up window, click the box to agree with Cronofy's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and then click Link Google Account.

4 . Choose the email account of the calendar that you intend to sync with Talkpush.

5. Click Allow for Cronofy to access your account.

Setting Up Time Slots and Time Availability

You can set up the length of meetings (15 min, 30 min, 1 hr) and set your time availability for your week.

  • Length of a time slot: Simply click on the Length of a time slot dropdown and choose the option that suits you better.

  • Activating the Slots: You can choose the time slots one by one or click and drag your cursor vertically by day. That way, you can cover several time slots simultaneously.

Don’t forget to hit Save.

Customize your Automated Messages and Reminders

Scroll down the calendar and set up your automated messages:

Confirmation Message

This message will be sent to the candidates once they have selected and submitted their interview date and time

Previous Day Reminder

A reminder message will be automatically sent to the candidate one day before their interview. You can create customized templates for the reminder message.

Same Day Reminder

This message will be sent automatically to the candidate on the day of the interview. This message can also be customized to the candidate.

A must-do before you customize your Automated Messages and Reminders is to read the Ultimate Token Guide.

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