The Leads Tab is the busiest tab and the most used by recruiters. That isn’t surprising as this is where we can easily see all candidates across all campaigns and folders simultaneously! We can also access candidates’ information and check on the status of their profiles, communicate with them on different messaging platforms, review their applications and move them through from screening to being hired!

To help you navigate, let us go through the Leads Tab and its parts.

1. Campaigns, Folders & Filters

Campaigns are typically equivalent to job positions. You can Select a single campaign, multiple campaigns, or all available campaigns to load all the candidate profiles. On the other hand, the Folder Drop Down button loads candidates from a specific folder or loads all candidates from all folders; either Custom or Default.

💡 The folder drop-down will also show how many profiles are in each folder.

The search will only begin once you click the Search button. With this new button, you can add or remove filters freely before starting your search.

Filters are used to specify your search. To use this, just select the + Add Filter button. Learn more about using filters by clicking here.

2. The Candidate List, Search, Sort, & Select

Once a campaign and folder are selected, the Candidate List will be loaded. You may start clicking on these candidates and review their profiles to process their applications.

You can easily search candidate ID/s, application ID/s, first name, last name, email & phone number.

You can also sort this list by Date Added or Last Activity by clicking on these arrow buttons.

💡 Learn more about the use of the Search + Filter bar in this article.

🚀 When you click on a candidate's avatar or click ⚪ to select all candidates, the bulk actions will be automatically displayed. You may select from various bulk action selections such as moving candidates and sending messages.

🚀 Feeling unsure about the bulk actions you just made? Don't worry! You can also cancel them.

💡Click on this link to discover more about Bulk Actions.

3. Chat Management Screen

The chat management screen shows the entire interaction and history with the candidate.

Messages in the chat history can either be inbound or outbound. The grey messages are responses sent by the leads. It can either be Text, Audio, or Video messages. Under the message, you may see the channel it came from (‘f’ here indicates Facebook) and the time it was sent.

The green messages are from the recruiter’s end. This can be a response from the chatbot (indicated by the robot image) or straight from the recruiter (indicated by a human avatar or the user’s saved photo)

💡 You can also type in your message to the candidate and even include emojis or attach files.

To send messages faster, you can also make use of Tokens. With Tokens, you will not need to manually personalize each and every message. Ex: <%= @candidate_name %> will automatically be replaced with the candidates' first name (for every candidate the message is sent to).

By clicking the small arrow icon, a menu will pop up with the existing list of Quick Replies. Quick Replies are message templates that you can set up to send messages quickly to candidates.

💡 Learn how to configure tokens and quick replies here.

Lastly, select over which channel you would like to send the message, SMS, Facebook, Email, or WhatsApp.

4. Candidate Profile

You can view all the data related to the candidate’s application, edit the candidate’s status, and add comments and labels to the candidate's profile.

💡 Read more about the Candidate Profile in this article.

5. General Export

This function allows the user to export the candidate database in a file format that Excel can read.

💡 Click this link to start exporting candidates!

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