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Using Labels with Autoflow
Using Labels with Autoflow

Add labels automatically and use labels as Autoflow criteria

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If you want an efficient way to assess candidate qualities and qualifications, labels are the solution. They enhance candidate organization and streamline searching. With Autoflow, you can even add labels automatically, making your hiring process more efficient.

Before you proceed, it is highly recommended you read these two articles first:

Here’s Perry for a quick walk through on how to automatically add labels with Autoflow.

Automatically Add Labels to Candidates with Autoflow

1. Choose a campaign and go to Campaign Settings > Autoflow > Add Action.

2. In Autoflow Settings, click Create Trigger to filter candidates. Select the campaign and folder, then click Next.

3. Set up criteria for Autoflow to label candidates automatically. Specify Candidate Attributes, Operator, and Value. Click Add, then Create.

4. Click Add Action, then choose Assign Labels.

5. Pick the label from the Select Labels dropdown and click Save.

6. Confirm your Autoflow action by clicking Yes.

Note: You can select multiple labels. You may also click on a label to unselect it.

Move Candidates Using Labels in Autoflow

A brief video guide by Perry is here to help you!

1. Pick a campaign and navigate to Campaign Settings > Autoflow > Add Action.

2. In Autoflow Settings, create a filter by clicking Create Trigger. Choose the campaign and folder, then click Next.

3. From the Candidate Attribute dropdown, select Labels. Then, pick the Operator and enter the Label name. Click Add and Save. Use AND if you require candidates to have all the labels you specified and OR if candidates can have either of the labels before moving.

4. Move the candidates by clicking Add Action and selecting Move Candidate. You may also use any of the other Autoflow Actions, such as assigning a manager or sending a message.

5. Choose the target Campaign and Folder, then click Save. Confirm your action by clicking Yes.

Pro tip:

You can enable the Send Message Template to notify candidates when they were either invited, their application was completed, shortlisted, or rejected. Learn how to set up your Message templateshere.

Track every action made by Autoflow by going to the chat history of a candidate's application.

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