If you like to distinguish the qualities and qualifications of candidates easily, then the use of labels is definitely for you. Aside from better candidate organization, labels can also be used to refine your candidate search.

Labels can be added to candidates manually. But did you know that you can add labels automatically through Autoflow? Moreover, labels can also be used as Autoflow criteria to keep your hiring process automated. Keep reading to learn more.

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Use Cases

  • Use Autoflow to automatically labels candidates when they have met your required language proficiency ()

  • Shortlist labeled candidates automatically with Autoflow ()

Label Candidates Automatically with Autoflow

When a candidate applies to one of your campaigns, you can label that candidate automatically when that candidate meets your criteria. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Campaigns tab, search for the campaign and go to its Settings by clicking the three gray vertical dots.

  2. Click Autoflow > Add Action.

  3. Click ➕.

  4. Create a trigger by selecting a Folder (the location of the candidate to be labeled) and click Next.

  5. Create your Autoflow criteria wherein if met, a candidate will be labeled automatically. This criteria is/are Candidate Attribute(s) wherein you need to specify an Operator and the Value of that Attribute. Once done, click Add then Create.

  6. Label your candidate by creating an action. To do so, click ➕ and Assign Labels.

  7. From the Select Labels drop down, choose the desired label and click Save.

  8. Confirm your Autoflow action by clicking Yes.

Note: You can select multiple labels. You may also click on a label to unselect it.

That’s it! You have just successfully set up an Autoflow that will automatically label your candidates.

In this example, all candidates in the Completed folder of the Mobile Communications Account Rep campaign who have a Yes answer to A1 -Own Laptop candidate attribute will be automatically labeled as Equipped.

Use Labels as Autoflow Criteria to Move Candidates

You can also use Autoflow to automatically move labeled candidates to the desired folder and/or campaign. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the campaign’s Autoflow > Add Action.

  2. Click ➕.

  3. Select a Folder (the location of the candidate to be moved) and click Next.

  4. Under the Candidate Attribute dropdown, select Labels. Then, select the desired Operator and type the name of the label in the Enter value field. Click Add and Save to continue.

    Tip: Click AND if you require a candidate to have two or more specific labels before moving to another folder and/or campaign. Click OR should you wish for the Autoflow to move a candidate who has either the labels you specified.

  5. Move your labeled candidate by clicking ➕ of Add Action and Move Candidate.

  6. Select the target Campaign and Folder where you want the candidate to move to. Then, click Save and confirm your action by clicking Yes.

Tip: You can enable the Send Message Template to notify candidates when they were either invited, their application was completed, shortlisted, or rejected. Learn how to set up your Message templates here.

And this is how you can automatically move candidates based on their labels. You may go back to the campaign’s Autoflow action list to see the one you’ve just set up.

In this example, all candidates in the Completed folder of the Mobile Communications Account Rep campaign who have the Equipped label will be moved to the Shortlisted folder of the same campaign.

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Track every action made by Autoflow by going to the chat history of a candidate's application.

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