In making decisions, we often turn to the people we trust for their opinions. We ask our family and friends for recommendations, and most likely, we will follow their choices because they are our first network that knows what is best for us.

Recruiters know this. Employees already immersed in your company culture and receiving great benefits would want their family members to work in the same environment. Applicants would often bring a friend with them and explore opportunities together. Referrals proved to be one of the most effective ways to make hires – it does not cost as much as using a recruitment agency, plus, it’s faster too!

Keep reading and learn several ways how you can run or boost your current referral programs using Talkpush. Combining creativity and automation will ensure a fun yet effective recruitment journey for you, your referrers, and referrals.

📣 Referral Process via Custom Source Links

In Talkpush, you can use/create a campaign to run a Referral Program. This is where referral applications will be stored and processed. Each campaign contains unique default messenger and landing page links you can post online or on your marketing materials, but – did you know that you can also customize the source for these links? Yes, that is possible! 💡

Once you have your Referral campaign in the CRM, go to your Campaign List, click the ‘more’ icon, then select ‘Sourcing’.

You’ll find a section where to create a custom source messenger link as shown below,

Or scroll down to the landing page section to do the same.

(For a more detailed guideline on how to create custom source links, you can also check out this article.)

These custom source links make it easier to search and filter referral applications from your Talkpush CRM so you can communicate and process them faster.

📣 Referral Process via Typeform

Talkpush integrated with Typeform so you can use a simplified but conversational form to collect and share information. You can also use this to run surveys for your referrers or referrals during or after the recruitment process.

As with the previous use case, you’ll start with creating/choosing a Talkpush campaign for your referrals, preparing the set of questions and data you’d like to collect, and the Typeform template you’d like to use. Lastly, your Customer Success Manager will be assisting you on how to link this specific Talkpush campaign to your Typeform.

Click here for a sample ERP campaign set up in Talkpush with Typeform.

📣 Referral Process via Custom Referral Bot

Do you want a more fun and engaging strategy? How about incorporating an Referral chatbot that responds to inquiries, encourages your applicants or employee to bring in more referrals, promotes your referral program benefits, and guides them throughout the entire recruitment journey?

Our Conversational Design Team can work with you to build a chatbot flow that suits your brand and referral strategies. If you are already using a chatbot persona for the normal application flow, you have the option to retain it for uniformity, but you can also create a new persona for your referral program. Raise this to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested to adopt this strategy.

📣 Referral Process via Webpage

Aside from having a customized referral chatbot, Talkpush also offers to build a webpage solely for your Referral Program. This webpage can be designed and managed by your team, so you have control of updating your content anytime you need to.

Similar to all those mentioned above, data collected from this webpage can be linked directly to a specific Talkpush campaign. Setting this up requires a bit of coding at the beginning, so we’ll have one from our team help you with this.

Once connected to a campaign, all your Agent and Non-Agent referrals through this webpage will have a profile created in Talkpush inside the linked campaign and Inbox folder. Your referrals can then proceed with their interviews through your landing page or Messenger link sent via an Invitation email and/or SMS.

If having your own referral website is a strategy you haven’t explored yet, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your Talkpush Customer Success Manager and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

You can combine two or more of these strategies to run your Referral Program or do A/B testing to see which one works best for your company. To make it more innovative and tech-advanced, you can also incorporate QR codes. In all of the above, you can;

  • Embed your custom source URLs to a QR code, then post, print, or send it via different messaging channels.

  • Link a QR code to Typeform.

  • Use QR Codes to trigger your ARP or ERP chatbot – a small image you can add to your online ads.

  • Insert a QR code on your referral webpage to redirect them to Facebook Messenger or another website.

To learn more about QR Codes, click here.

📌 Save, Filter, and Extract Referral details from the CRM

Aside from the referral details, data commonly collected in a referral process are the referrer’s name, email address, and employee ID number (for ERP). These let the recruiters know which referral is linked to a specific referrer – as referral programs usually have bonuses and other benefits.

In Talkpush, we store these data as candidate attributes so you can easily search and filter the applicant profiles and set up an automated recruitment process (via AutoFlow).

You can also use specific tokens to communicate with your referrals easily. These tokens are placeholders and automatically update unique values for the application you are processing.

Lastly, these candidate attributes can be extracted by exporting the data from the CRM (*export button can be found on the top right corner of your CRM main page). You can select which candidate attribute you need to export or click on Extra Data to export all candidate attributes in separate columns.

Learn more about exporting candidate information here.

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