🧠Learning Outcomes:

This article will teach you how to cut back on manual recruiting activities for your recruiters.

Today you will learn how to:

  • Reduce the manual tasks in screening applicants for the role
  • Reduce the manual tasks in moving candidates from one campaign/folder to another.
  • Reduce the manual tasks in sending manual messages
  • Design your entire recruitment strategies in a single interface

📌Why is it important?

The new AutoFlow feature allows recruiters to reduce the manual work of sorting candidates into job campaigns and folders. This feature allows flexibility for recruiters to design their automated actions

Similar to the Smart Filter, which triggers actions on shortlisting and rejecting applications. The AutoFlow triggers candidate movements across job campaigns and folders based on the candidate attributes stored in the applicants' profile.

This means you can now move the candidates to the shortlisted, rejected, on hold, hired, and other custom folders across different campaigns! 🙌

AutoFlow is user friendly and has more robust actions which will free recruiters from sorting tasks, save them time, and allow them to consolidate candidates from any source and direct them to the right job. 👍

📝Sample Use Case:

⚙️How to configure it?

Step 1: On the campaign list table, select a campaign and proceed to the campaign settings.

Step 2: From the left pane menu, select Autoflow.

Select Autoflow under the campaign settings

Step 3: Click on the <Add Action> button and create a trigger by clicking on the <+> button.

Step 4: Select the folder from where you intend to handpick the candidates.

Step 5: Select the candidate attribute

Step 6: Select the operator

Step 7: Enter the value to meet the required criteria

📝 The value for the criteria has to match the value stored in the other information.

Step 6: Once the criteria are added, click on the <create> button.

Step 7: Add an action by clicking on the <+> button.

Step 8: Tick on "Move candidate".

Step 10: Lastly, select the campaign and folder destination. 🏁

Congratulations! You have set up your own autoflow configurations. 🎉

Below is the summary of the configuration we had just set up.

Those applicants who have answered "more than 2 years" experience in the interview questions of the "Sales Account Manager - Malaysia" campaign,

they will be moved to the "Business Development Representative" campaign and shortlisted folder. 👌


  • Multiple-choice questions are more effective in capturing candidate attributes.

The image below shows that both candidate attribute and the value match each other. 👇


Q1. What type of user can access the AutoFlow feature?

- Users with Owner access can access autoflow

Q2.How long will it take for the rules to take effect?

- Rules will take effect not more than five minutes per candidate


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